Race or Die Tips: Resetting Your Account

Starting Over

One of the fundamental aspect of free MMO text-based iPhone RPGs is that you have to plan and execute just perfectly. Players are compared later on for their cumulative behavior. In later levels their ability to win fights and protect themselves is going to be directly related to the choices they made early on. The way they spent their experience points, how long they waited on levels before leveling up, and how they spent their money is going to be an important factor.

For new players it is easy to find out that you ended up making terminal mistakes that you have no way to reverse. This is why there is often a "reset" option in these free MMO text-based iPhone RPGs, and it serves you to go back to zero. This is in place in The Godfather’s Race or Die for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Here is a guide for how to reset your Race or Die account, and some tips to decide whether or not you should.

Resetting Your Race or Die Account

Start by making sure you are in the Race or Die Home tab. Go to the orange Stats option at the bottom of the right hand column. Here is where you are going to see your overall Race or Die character statistics, how many experience points you have until the next level, the achievements you have made, the cars you have, the illegal mods you have, and other elements.

If you scroll to the very bottom of this Race or Die profile screen, you are going to see an obvious Reset button. If you press the Race or Die Reset button, it will give you a warning button and you continue by pressing OK. This will reset everything in your Race or Die account, except it will retain your crew size and you will keep the same Race or Die Friend Code.

The reason for this is that with the Race or Die Friend Code system the way it is, you would affect other Race or Die players if your reset dropped them from your crew. So instead, your Race or Die Friend Code remains active for any place you may have placed it and all your crew members stay where they are.

Race or Die Tips for Resetting

The best reason to reset your Race or Die account is if you cannot seem to dominate in races no matter what you do. Even if you are top in racing gear and continue to level up you cannot seem ever to be on top. Also, if you are at a high level and still cannot seem to equip yourself enough, then this may be a sign that you should start over.

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