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All of the free MMO text-based iPhone RPGs from The Godfather include some sort of banking. What this does is essentially put your money in a safe location so that other players who challenge you cannot take it. This element is in tact in Race or Die, but is now called the ATM to keep up with its new "tech" image.

Race or Die ATM

When you are at the Race or Die Home page, you can find the ATM toward the bottom of the left hand column, right under Pro Shop and above Backroom. Though the image is revamped and much more colorful, those familiar with games like iMob Online and Girl Wars Online are going to find the Race or Die ATM interface relatively familiar. T

here will be two text bars on top of each other. The top is where you enter an amount that you want to deposit into the Race or Die ATM, and the bottom one is where you want to withdraw. When you open up the Race or Die ATM your entire current amount of money will be in the deposit text prompt, so you are going to have to change that if you do not want to deposit all of it.

There is a fifteen percent fee that is taken out of all deposits made into the Race or Die ATM, but withdrawals hold not fees. The very top of the Race or Die ATM display will list your account balance.

Race or Die Garage

The main function of the Race or Die ATM is actually not to prevent your money but to pay the bill at the Race or Die Garage. The Race or Die Garage requires you to use your account balance from the ATM to pay for repairs and you are not allowed just to use regular money. In this case, it is good to keep up a moderate account so you have the option of using the Race or Die Garage, but not too much.

The fifteen percent fee on deposits into the Race or Die ATM is expensive and usually not worth it. This is especially true later on when there is a cap on how much money a person can take from you in a challenge. In this case, the fifteen percent fee on large deposits is going to be dramatically more than you would lose on average.

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