Food Games

Burger Games

  • Hints and Tips for Burger Island 2 - The Missing Ingredients
    Burger Island 2 is another addition to the tropical paradise themed time management game series. Find out some tips on playing the game as well as other suggestions for improving scores, earning more money and keeping customers happy.
  • Expert Guide to the City Restaurant in Burger Bustle
    The City Restaurant is very challenging. Earning the gold trophies requires a bit of strategy and speed. Use this strategy guide to help you play Burger Bustle and achieve this goal in levels 25 through 31.
  • Burger Bustle - Expert Walkthrough for the Wild West & Winter Restaurants
    Burger Bustle is a fast paced time management game set in multiple restaurants. To earn gold trophies in each level you will need to be quick with the mouse and achieve expert scores. Use this strategy guide to help you achieve this goal in all levels of the Wild West and Winter restaurant.
  • How to Play Burger Shop 2 and Win
    Are you looking for game tips to help you win Burger Shop 2? This time management game has a variety of food items, characters and bonus features that will keep you on your toes. Find out how to play the game and get tips to help increase your scores and improve the patience of your customers.
  • Burger Bustle - Guide to Earning Gold Trophies in the Beach Restaurant
    Burger Bustle is a time management game set in multiple fast food restaurants. To earn gold trophies in each level you will need to be fast and achieve an expert score. Use this strategy guide to help you achieve this goal in all levels of the Beach restaurant.

Cake Mania

  • Take the Cake in Sandlot's Cake Mania 3!
    Cake Mania 3 is a great time management game from Sandlot Games. As with any time management game the more levels you complete the harder the game gets. Learn how to navigate those harder levels with these game playing tips and cheats.
  • A Gamer's Guide to Cake Mania 2
    Cake Mania 2 is another great Sandlot Games time management release. Find out how to play and get through harder levels with these hints and tips.
  • Cake Mania Main Street - Great For Any Sweet Tooth!
    Did you love the original Cake Mania's that Sandlot Games has released over the years? Well, this newest version, Cake Mania Main Street, offers so much to any type of gamer that you simply have to check it out!
  • Cake Mania - To the Max Game Hints and Tips
    The new Cake Mania game – To the Max takes time management game fans back to the 80s! Can you help Jill run Evan’s bakery and make the decision to pursue a career in the culinary arts? Get game details and some hints and tips to help you out.
  • Guide to Cake Mania - Lights, Camera Action Game
    Cake Mania - Lights, Camera, Action is another addition to the popular time management game series. Can you turn the city of Bakersfield into a profitable money making center fit for movie stars and producers? Find out details about this game and a few tips to help improve your point scoring power.

Cooking Games

  • Is Cooking Dash DinerTown Studios Worth Playing?
    The Cooking Dash DinerTown Studios game is the star struck time management sequel involved with celebrity characters and the moviemaking industry. Once again, Flo’s cooking and serving skills are needed to help improve the badly run food establishments in the area. Is this game worth checking out?
  • Create the Ultimate Baking Shop with Cooking City? Maybe..
    The Facebook game Cooking City places you in your own shop. Bake goods for your customers while you decorate and expand your establishment.
  • A Gamer's Review of Cooking Dash
    While there are always new games coming out from Yahoo! Games, Cooking Dash is one of the newest to hit the web. It continues on the lines of Diner Dash, but doesn't disappoint gamers with any old or easy missions.
  • Guide to Expert Mode for "The Log Jam": Cooking Dash 3
    Cooking Dash 3 –Thrills and Spills takes you back to the earlier days when the industrious and spunky waitress Flo was a teenager. This game offers an Expert mode of play that can be unlocked after the Jelly Roger has been played in “Relaxed" mode. Here's a guide to expert mode play for the Log Jam.
  • Cooking Dash 3 Guide to Surviving the Spooky Shack in Expert Mode
    This Cooking Dash 3 walkthrough will focus on the challenging Spooky Shack section. Surviving in Expert mode is not easy. These strategy tips and helpful details will help you out with levels 21 through 27.

Diner Dash

  • A Candid Review of Diner Dash
    Diner Dash is an accepted addiction. With frenetic and frenzied gameplay often curtailing your sense of time or place. With this said, can the Diner Dash Wiiware release match the original ports or does it fall down due to poor graphical elements and a lack of expansion? Read on to find out...
  • Diner Dash 5: Boom! Review
    Flo makes a return to the diner business in the latest in the long line of Diner Dash games. Flo's most recent outing ventures a little further into some customization options but mainly keeps everything else standard-fare.
  • Diner Dash Game Guides - Selection of Cheats, Tips, Hints and Walkthroughs for the Popular Game Series
    Diner Dash is a popular time management game series inspired by the spunky cartoon waitress named Flo. Bright Hub offers a selection of Diner Dash guides, tips and cheats for these addicting PC titles. Use this quick reference list to find helpful information on your favorite Dash games.
  • Diner Dash Guide: Cheats, Hints and Tips
    Diner Dash is one of the most influential games for the iPhone. Read our guide to learn some cheats, hints and tips about Diner Dash for the iPhone.
  • Diner Dash Cheats
    Become the greatest waitress in the world with these helpful Diner Dash cheats, hints, and tips.

Other Food Games

  • ESPN Sports Bar Guide
    Create your own sports bar with ESPN Sports Bar and Grill. Serve drinks and snacks to your guests. Listen to live ESPN Sports broadcasts while you play the game with the sports radio application.
  • The Ultimate Guide to Restaurant and Cooking Games
    A comprehensive guide to restaurant, cooking, and catering games on Facebook and the computer. If you enjoy spending time playing simulation games that involve cooking or restaurants, be sure to check out this guide!
  • Turbo Pizza Game Play and Strategy Tips
    You will enjoy the Turbo Pizza game if you are a fan of fast-paced time management style PC titles. Sharp wits and strategy are needed to keep up with the flurry of actions throughout the game. Use this guide to learn about how the game is played, along with some helpful strategy hints and tips.
  • Beginner Game Guide to Restaurant City on Facebook
    Restaurant City is one of the most popular games on Facebook. Find out everything you need to know to have the hottest restaurant in the city. This beginner game guide will show players how to earn more coins, gourmet points, and get ingredients for free. Learn extra tips and tricks also.
  • Facebook Baking Life Guide
    Baking Life puts you in control of your own Bakery. Use your ovens to produce tasty baked goods for your guests and fill up your counters with items to sell. Decorate your bakery and provide tables for your patrons. Make the ultimate bakery with Baking Life.