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Legend of Zelda

  • Legend of Zelda Ultimate Knowledge Codex
    Possibly one of the longest-running and greatest video game series' of all time, Nintendo's famous Legend of Zelda series has plenty to say about it. We have for you here a collection of the best articles, guides, and opinion pieces about every aspect of the series. Enjoy!
  • To Hyrule and Back: The Ultimate Legend of Zelda Quiz
    A lot of people have been playing Zelda games since they were young kids, and with the game's 25th anniversary being this year, what better way to celebrate than to test your knowledge in the ultimate "Legend of Zelda" quiz?
  • The 25th Anniversary of Zelda
    In 1986 the first Zelda game emerged on the NES game console. 25 years later and the game series goes strong today with the forthcoming release of Skyward Sword. As such, in 2011 Nintendo are celebrating the 25th anniversary of Zelda as covered in this article.
  • Strangest Locations in the Legend of Zelda Series
    For 25 years the Legend of Zelda games have introduced players to wonderful and weird locations. There are a few places that are so strange, they stick with you long after the games is over.
  • A Complete List of Zelda Games
    One of the most famous video game franchises in the world, Zelda has many games in the main series. Whether you are a Zelda fanatic or a casual enthusiast of the games, the timeline is very interesting to see where the games have been and where they are going.

Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

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