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The Secret Behind Mafia Wars Bots And Cheats

If you play Mafia Wars regularly on Facebook then you have probably searched long and hard for good cheats that actually work. Are you sick of running into dead ends? This article will include relevant and updated information about Mafia Wars cheats and bots…what works and what won’t.

Learn More About the Mafia Wars Autoplayer

If you want to participate in the Mafia Wars game on Facebook but find yourself pressed for time, an option is to use the Mafia Wars autoplayer. This script automatically runs and plays through the game for you, often helping you win fights and excel in the game. Keep reading to find out more.

Free Mafia Wars Godfather Points for Facebook

The lure of free Mafia Wars Godfather Points is simple to the devoted player. Upgrade attack or defense stats quickly by buying inventory. Few gamers realize that getting these points is actually closely monitored and regulated by Zynga. So how can the player get these coveted points?

What is the Best Mafia Wars Energy Cheat?

Discover the best Mafia Wars energy cheats and tricks for becoming the ultimate Mob Boss. Learn new strategies to level up faster while earning the respect of rival gangsters. Pick up your brass knuckles and get ready to conquer the streets in Zynga Mafia Wars.

Mafia Wars Loot Guides

Mafia Wars loot drops offer the player ample opportunities for beefing up defense and attack stats. While the Mafia Wars loot list for New York and Cuba is pretty straightforward, the Moscow and Bangkok tiers offer a variety of options.