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Mario Kart

  • Mario Kart Retrospective - Part 5
    Mario Kart has certainly provided gamers with countless hours of addictive gameplay. What can we expect from the famed series from here on out?
  • Mario Kart Retrospective - Part 4
    Mario Kart Arcade GP 2 and Mario Kart Wii didn't really do the famed kart racing series any favors. The games were fun, but a few choices on the part of Nintendo led the games to receive some criticism. Where will the series go from here?
  • Mario Kart Retrospective - Part 3
    Having established a huge fan base of Nintendo home console and handheld owners, Mario Kart ventured into arcades and appeared on Nintendo's popular handheld, the DS. How would these entries stack up compared to their predecessors?
  • Unlocking New Characters in Mario Kart Wii
    As you play Mario Kart Wii, you may start favoring a certain character as your driver, whether it's Princess Peach, Wario or Donkey Kong. If you want to switch up who you play as, you can unlock new characters in Mario Kart Wii by fulfilling game tasks.
  • Mario Kart Retrospective - Part 1
    Mario Kart has entertained gamers for years. It's a fun solo experience and an even better party game. Let's take a look at the series' beginnings.

Mario Sports

  • New Play Control Mario Tennis Wii Review
    New Play Control Mario Power Tennis makes playing tennis against friends or foe as responsive and intuitive as playing Wii Sports Tennis. Recommended for gamers who love satisfying and engaging virtual sports, but does require physical precision in the shot motions.
  • Mario Sports Mix Review
    Nintendo has just released a four-in-one sports extravaganza for the Wii! If you're always on the lookout for new fun games to play with your family, you might be giving this a look, but you should probably keep on looking. Read this review to find out why.
  • A Review of Mario Super Sluggers for the Nintendo Wii
    Mario and all his friends are hitting the diamond once again, and this time they've got some new tricks up their sleeves. Find out if this game hits a home run or strikes out in our complete Wii Mario Super Sluggers review.
  • Mario Golf - Nintendo Wii Virtual Console Review
    It may look a little dated, but the Nintendo 64 iteration of Mario Golf has proven to be a timeless golf game that doesn't rely on complex mechanics, but rather invites players of all skill levels with its intuitive and addictive gameplay.
  • Mario Tennis - Nintendo Wii Virtual Console Review
    Mario Tennis on the Nintendo 64 was one of the best Mario sports games of its time. Now that it has transitioned over to the Virtual Console, the same can still be said about it.

Other Mario Games

  • Keep the Party Going - Mario Party 8 Review
    Mario is having another party, and we're all invited to it. If you've been to previous Mario Parties, this edition has all of the party favors that had you laughing and rolling on the ground last time. Is this is your first Mario Party? Get ready for some fun!
  • Super Paper Mario - How Does it Compare to Other Super Mario Bros. Games?
    Super Paper Mario combines the roleplaying elements of the Paper Mario series with the classic platform-style action of the original Super Mario Bros. games with mixed results. Find out more in our in-depth Super Paper Mario Wii walkthrough and review.
  • The First 3D Mario Game: Raccoon Mario Is Back!
    The colorful logo for Super Mario 3D Land sports a raccoon tail, emphasizing the return of Mario's Tanooki suit from Super Mario Bros. 3! But that's not all, there is much to be excited about in this new game!
  • Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door - Mario's Back At It Again
    Continuing the long list of Mario games, owners of the Game Cube can pick up this latest title, Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. A followup of a previous Paper Mario game for the N-64, this new Mario endeavor will keep you entertained.
  • Super Mario 64 DS - Nintendo DS Review
    Super Mario 64 DS takes everything that made the original N64 version of the game so great and adds new characters, more objectives, and three all-new control schemes to the mix. Although the controls aren't as refined as they could have been, this is still an excellent remake of a classic game.

Super Mario Brothers

  • New Super Mario Bros Wii Warp Cannon Guide
    Sometimes even the most skilled New Super Mario Bros Wii player needs a bit of a helping hand. Luckily, a series of cannons located throughout the game can help you move more quickly through the game worlds. Our complete guide has locations for all six, as well as instructions for reaching each.
  • Everything Old is New Again in New Super Mario Bros Wii
    New Super Mario Bros Wii is a love letter to the series' lifelong fans. Containing everything that made 2D Mario games of old so memorable, NSMB Wii delivers an incredibly-fun experience that will thrill both veteran and neophyte gamers alike. Truly a great game that the entire family can play.
  • Super Mario Bros. Wii Star Coin Guide: World 7
    Three star coins are found in every level of the game. While many of the coins are easily seen through the game play, some are difficult to get to, and some are difficult to find. Read this article to find out where to get all the star coins in World 7.
  • New Super Mario Bros Wii Star Coins Guide: Worlds 5 and 6
    Three star coins are found in every level of the game. While many of the coins are easily seen through the game play, some are difficult to get to, and some are difficult to find. Read this article to find out where to get all the star coins in Worlds 5 and 6.
  • Super Mario Bros Wii Star Coin Guide: World 8
    Three star coins are found in every level of the game. While many of the coins are easily seen through the game play, some are difficult to get to, and some are difficult to find. Read this article to find out where to get all the star coins in World 8.

Super Mario Galaxy

  • Super Mario Galaxy 2 Walkthrough: "Peewee Piranha's Temper Tantrum"
    The first full level of Super Mario Galaxy 2 begins just after the end of the introductory level, "The Great Space Journey Begins." Mario will make his way from planetoid to planetoid, taking out several groups of enemies before the big showdown with Peewee Piranha.
  • Super Mario Galaxy Review
    Should you go back and play Super Mario Galaxy if you never got the chance to before playing its sequel? Check out our post-Galaxy 2 review of the first game to see whether or not you should play Mario's first trip into space on the Wii.
  • Super Mario Galaxy 2 Walkthrough: "Saddle Up With Yoshi"
    One of the new additions to Super Mario Galaxy 2 is Mario's old pal Yoshi. You'll free him for the first time in this mission, and use his unique talents to rescue a power star. Afterwards, you'll be able to use Yoshi whenever you like aboard Space Ship Mario.
  • Super Mario Galaxy 2 Walkthrough: "The Great Space Journey Begins"
    Mario's first task in Super Mario Galaxy 2 is to navigate the introduction. Once again the princess is abducted by Bowser, but this time he's become gigantic and Mario actually has come control over the introduction. Find out more in our full walkthrough.
  • Super Mario Galaxy 2 Walkthrough: "Storming the Sky Fleet"
    The "Storming the Sky Fleet" level marks Mario's first return to the Sky Station Galaxy after "Peewee Piranha's Temper Tantrum." The big plant is gone, but he's been replaced by a whole regiment of Bullet Bills and some tricky jumps.

Super Smash Brothers

  • It's A Secret To Everybody: Unlock SSBB Characters
    Super Smash Bros. Braw (SSBB) brings the third installment of the beloved series to the Wii. While SSBB is easily one of the most unconventional fighting games on the market, it stays true to genre in one way: Some characters need to be unlocked. Learn the secrets to unlocking the characters here.
  • TMNT Meets Super Smash Brothers: Smash Up Review on the Wii
    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles makes its second appearance on the Nintendo Wii, this time in the form of a fairly blatant Super Smash Bros. clone. The game features characters from the recent cartoon series and 2007 CGI film. The game is mostly a success though more classic characters would be nice.
  • Super Smash Bros. Brawl Review
    The classic Nintendo brawler takes it to the next level with even more playable characters, awesome new Final Smash attacks, an immensely deep single-player mode, tons of unlockables and online play. It all adds up to make Super Smash Bros. Brawl an absolute masterpiece.
  • Super Smash Bros. Brawl: How to Make Great Custom Levels
    There's no shortage of battlegrounds in the hit Wii game Super Smash Bros. Brawl, with over 30 normal stages, plus some classics from Super Smash Bros. Melee. Still, you and your friends will inevitably get bored, so here's how to make custom stages they'll actually want to play.