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DJ Hero

  • DJ Hero 2 for Nintendo Wii: Differences Between DJ Hero 1 and DJ Hero 2
    If you liked playing “DJ Hero," you’ll like the revamped sequel, “DJ Hero 2" even more. But there are a few misconceptions about what the new game can and cannot do. So learn what the new game has in store for Nintendo Wii gamers here.
  • Top Techniques for DJ Hero Gameplay
    DJ Hero for Nintendo Wii is a great musical alternative to similar games like Rock Band and Guitar Hero. DJ Hero gameplay can be easier to learn as well,and there are more songs per game to boot. Learn how each DJ Hero gameplay tactic will earn points towards new venues, songs, turntables and DJ's.
  • DJ Hero Song List: The Best Mixes on DJ Hero 1 and DJ Hero 2 for Nintendo Wii
    Before you go spending nearly $100 on turntables and a couple of DJ Hero games, you might want to know what tracks make up the DJ Hero song list. After all, you don’t want to buy the game and find out you don’t like any of the DJ Hero songs that made the cut!
  • DJ Hero Review for Xbox 360
    With its unique turntable controller, DJ Hero promises to be more entertaining than Guitar Hero World Tour. Not only does it provide an addictive gaming experience, but also guarantees endless hours of party atmosphere.
  • Top 10 Best DJ Hero Songs for Nintendo Wii
    DJ Hero features over 100 song mixes that mash Classic rock with old school rap, modern hits and even some bluesy tunes. Not only is DJ Hero appropriate for many ages, there's so many mashups that it never gets old. Here's the top ten best DJ Hero songs for playing enjoyment and high point scores.

Guitar Hero

  • The Ultimate Guitar Hero Quiz
    Reckon you know everything about Guitar Hero, every game, track and act? Do you have Star Power, have you done a long career, or traced the same venues and played the same tracks as some of rock and roll's biggest names? Put your knowledge of this classic to the test.
  • How to Unlock Characters and Avatars in Guitar Hero 5?
    Guitar Hero 5 unveils new game modes and has some great unlockables in store for all GH fans. There are also few cheats that may help unlock goodies. Here are some of the most popular Guitar Hero 5 cheats and unlockables for Xbox 360.
  • Guitar Hero 5 Cheats and Unlockables for Wii
    Guitar Hero 5 lets you live the rock star fantasy like never before. With our guide to the game's cheats and unlockables, achieving that fantasy is a little bit easier.
  • Guitar Hero World Tour Wii: Mii FreeStyle Guide
    Mii FreeStyle is an easy, fun and entertaining way to spend a few minutes practicing a few rifts or drum solos that will teach you the basics of being a god of Guitar Hero World Tour. This guide takes you on a quick run through of Mii FreeStyle basics and exactly how this mode works.
  • How to Download Guitar Hero Style Songs to your Wii Console for Free
    Guitar Hero does not support direct download of songs for its Wii versions yet, but users who install the Homebrew channel and an application called Guitar Fun can use their Wii Guitar Hero controllers to play songs that extend the generally awful selection included in most of the Guitar Hero games.

Other Music Games

  • Why Disco Lovers Should Play the Abba SingStar Pack for PlayStation 3
    If you never grew out of the disco age, then perhaps you’ll enjoy reliving it by singing ABBA songs on PlayStation 3’s SingStar. The ABBA pack features 25 disco hits from Sweden’s famous foursome that are perfect for a playing at a party or family reunion – or by yourself!
  • Frets on Fire for Windows Review: An Open Source Guitar Hero clone for the PC
    The idea of letting users create and play their own Guitar Hero Style songs seems like a good idea, but the Windows version of the game suffers from some design flaws that make it nearly unplayable.
  • Band Hero Review (Xbox 360)
    Having focused on rock music for a number of years with the Guitar Hero series, in November 2009 Activision released a new game to please fans of pop music; Band Hero.
  • How to Sing Abba Karaoke on PlayStation 3
    Want to sing some Abba karaoke without going to a karaoke bar and singing in front of random people you don’t know? Then sing Abba karaoke in the comfort of your own home with the Abba SingStar pack for PlayStation 3.
  • Facebook Games: Rock Age
    Rock Age combines strategy browser based game play and adds a touch of Facebook farming. Build armies, use technology, and produce crops for extra gold with Rock Age the ancient era war game on Facebook.

Rock Band

  • The Ultimate Rock Band Quiz: Test Your Gaming Rockstar Knowledge
    Think you play a lot of Rock Band? Find out in this quiz that will push your intelligence dial up to 11, and maybe even further.
  • Rock Band Unplugged PSP Review
    Already a big hit on the consoles, Guitar Hero took plastic instrument games to a portable audience with their hardware add-on DS titles. Harmonix have taken a different approach, there's not a plastic guitar or drum kit in site, and you don't even have to sing in order to play Rock Band Unplugged
  • Max out your spades in Rock Band 3's Road Challenge
    Are you a big Rock Band fan but not so hardcore you play on Expert and get five stars on everything? Honestly most people aren’t. They just want to play the game and have fun. Of course they also want to do the best they can and try to get five stars whenever possible.
  • Where to Get New Beatles Rock Band Content for the Wii
    The selection of music that comes with Beatles Rock Band is odd. While there is no shopping channel for the game available from the console, users can download new music from an in-game store.
  • Unlock All the Rock Band 3 Trophies & Achievements
    The third major iteration of Harmonixs mega-hit Rock Band franchise features not just new songs, but a brand new keyboard instrument and the innovative Pro mode. This guide will assist you in unlocking all achievements and trophies in the game.