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Top Guitar Hero Bands and Songs – A Quiz for True Fans

Reckon you know everything about Guitar Hero, every game, track and act? Do you have Star Power, have you done a long career, or traced the same venues and played the same tracks as some of rock and roll’s biggest names? Put your knowledge of this classic to the test.

The Greatest Rock Band Quiz Ever

Think you play a lot of Rock Band? Find out in this quiz that will push your intelligence dial up to 11, and maybe even further.

Rock Band 3 Preview

Rock Band has become an annualized franchise and continues to sell extremely well. Still, some gamers are looking for something new from their rhythm games these days. Can Rock Band 3 bring a fresh take on the music game genre? Read on to find out.

Guide to Rock Band Games for the Nintendo Wii

The Rock Band series has seen several different iterations appear on the Nintendo Wii. Our guide will walk you through each game in the series, helping you decide which excellent game in the series is best for you. We cover each game: Rock Band, Rock Band 2, Beatles Rock Band, and Rock Band: Lego.