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Gamecube Games

  • Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance for theGameCube
    Lost in the success of Nintendo's flagship franchises such as Mario and Zelda is the fact that they also produce one of the finest strategy RPG series on the planet, Fire Emblem. Here's a look at the underrated GameCube entry in the series, Path of Radiance, which is playable on the Wii.
  • Boss Guide: Luigi's Mansion
    In Luigi's Mansion, it's Luigi's turn to save the day when his brother goes missing. Luigi follows a mysterious letter to find himself at a mansion he's supposedly won. There's only one catch - it's overrun with ghosts! Learn how to defeat the bosses of the game to free Mario and save the day.
  • Super Monkey Ball 2 Review
    Aiai, Meemee, and the rest of Sega's lovable monkeys are back in the sequel to the hit Gamecube puzzle game. Is it as good as the original? Not really, but all things considered, it is still a fairly enjoyable offering.
  • Gamecube Review - Evolution Worlds
    Any way you slice it, a messy mash-up of two pretty mediocre Dreamcast roleplaying games does not make for a great gaming experience.
  • Madagascar Review for Gamecube
    With the recent release of Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa as well as the new Nickelodeon show featuring the movie's popular penguin characters, we take a look back at the Gamecube game based on the original motion picture.


  • Feudalism: Guide to Character Building, Warfare and Magic Items
    Kongregate's Feudalism is one of the most popular strategy games for the flash platform. This general strategy guide can help you progress through the game from beginning to end.You will also find key tips and tricks on character building, magic items and warfare.
  • Kongregate: Gaming with the Mighty Ant
    The powerhouse of browser-based gaming, Kongregate offers social gaming for all levels of players. This guide explains what the website has to offer.
  • Infectonator: World Dominator Strategy Guide
    Want to kill everyone one the planet with zombies? Well, you're in luck! This strategy guide to the flash game Infectonator: World Dominator will help you with taking over the world. It includes tips on research, late-game strategy, and how to deal with defenders.
  • The Best Kongregate Games in the Space and SF Genres
    Kongregate has many games, and many of them in the genre loosely labeled "space" games. So if you're looking for your sci-fi kick, or just want to shoot some aliens, check out this top five list of Kongregate Space Games!
  • Top 5 Games on Kongregate
    Kongregate is a great place to kill a little time and have a lot of fun. Here are some of the best games the site has to offer.

Other Mobile Gaming

  • Mobile Game Pricing is a Barrier to Quality and Innovation
    Mobile games are improving almost as rapidly as mobile technology advances. The mobile gaming market is worth big money now, but there are some major barriers to truly great games on smartphones and the first one is pricing.
  • Real World and Virtual World Collide on Your Smartphone
    As mobile gaming becomes more and more popular there are a few interesting developments that could take games in a whole new direction. There are various mobile games that combine the real world and the virtual world. Let’s take a closer look.
  • Need a Quick Gaming Break on Your Phone?
    Sometimes you've got a little time to kill and want to play a game. You don't want to get too involved though, you're a busy person on the go. Here's a list of fun games you can play on your phone that won't require you to be attached to it for hours at a time.
  • Smartphones for Kids: Fun and Educational Games and Apps
    There are some great games for kids on all the smartphone platforms. Whether you want to let them play on your smartphone is another matter entirely. If you decide to risk it then you’ll find some worthy options for download in this guide.
  • Top Swords and Sci-Fi Titles for Mobile Gaming
    If you're sick of life on present day earth, games that span history and time and space might be more to your liking. There are many sci-fi and fantasy games available for mobile platforms, perfect escapism!

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