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Fun Camp Computer Games

Summer camp is fun for many kids. The entertainment area or computer lab is a great place to hang out after other camp activities. This article gives fun computer games that may just show up in your summer camp’s computer area.

The Best Free Online Pirate Games

If pirates and pirate ships elevate your imagination to the ancient and medieval era, then play the best free online pirate games to relive their adventures. With the best pirate games online, go for a treasure-hunting spree and enjoy a lazy Sunday afternoon playing them on your laptop.

The Best Steam Games

Steam is fast becoming the best place to buy video games. The low prices and good selection makes it hard to beat. However, some games on Steam work so well with Steam that it is hard to imagine what the game would be like on its own.

Top 7 Cheap Steam Games

Since its inception, Steam has distributed dozens of PC games digitally. It has evolved from a mere distribution network to a multiplayer hub and social networking service and today thousands are purchasing independent Steam games at a much cheaper price than boxed copies.

Free Typing Games

Online typing games are a growing way to have fun increasing your words per minute . There are a number of free typing games online suitable for increasing the typing speed of both adults and children.

Patrician 3 Tips – Tips for Profitable Trading

Patrician 3 is a unique trading game that lets you build a trading empire in a developing Europe. You can trade, rise through politics, complete missions, and even indulge in piracy. All of this can be rather difficult for a new player though. I’ll do my best to get you the information you need.