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Everything We Know About Pokemon Gen V

Newest in the line of Pokemon generations, Black and White (Known to fans as the monochrome generation) is a robust game filled with all your favorite activities. Pokemon take center stage as you capture, train, and battle them to become the best trainer around!

Pokemon MMO

A rather in-depth “What If…” article detailing a possible full-fledged, Pokemon MMO. Find out what the combat will be like, the travel system and most importantly, the PvP.

Pokemon History

The Pokemon series has been on of the biggest fads in the late 1990’s. It is still accomplishing a lot with a steady fan base and even more games coming out by the minute. How did this series start, grow, and become what it has today? It takes originality and a flow of creativity to keep it alive.

Capture Cobalion

Capturing Cobalion, Terrakion, and Virizion is the easiest of all the legendaries in Pokemon Black and White. Just like other easy legendaries, all you really have to do is go through some mazes and you will capture the Musketeer trio.