A Wii Simpsons Guide

A Wii Simpsons Guide
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A Brief Review (3 out of 5)

There is not too much to say about the Simpsons Game. It fails where Road Rage succeeded. But as with many Simpsons games, this one can be enjoyed even if the player is not big fan of the series. The only thing that is game bares from the movie is the title. Besides that, the story is completely different from the cinematic presentation, as here the characters have superpowers and they even play with God a duel of Dance, Dance Revolution, while in the movie they had to fight an evil corporation.

The graphics are not the best asset, and the gameplay in general is not the best either. To put it simply, it’s a nightmare. You have to play the game to know the feeling. You won’t know what to do because the camera won’t let you see freely the scenario.


The basics are really simple, as the game doesn’t use a set of combos that can confuse the player just to execute a special attack. Bellow is the control list.

Wii Remote Control


A – Jump

B – Basic Attack

D-Pad (Directional Cross) – Camera rotation or angle adjustment

1 – Opens Objective Menu

2 – Menu Screen



Control Stick – Move your character through the scenario

Z - Targets

C – While playing single, but with two characters at the same time, it will switch your character for another.

Special Moves:


Executing the special moves is really easy; just shake first the Wii remote and then the nunchuck. Each character has a different reaction to that command.

Homer: Homer inflates himself and then you can use him to smash enemies.

Lisa: Use her Saxophone as a weapon to stun enemies, and later to control them.

Marge: By doing the attack and aiming at NPC characters in certain levels she can command them as a mob.

Bart: Can use a grappling hook, but only when the game permits it.

The Simpson’s Game

The Simpsons Image 1

The Simpsons Image 2

The Simpsons Image 3

Area 1

The Land of Chocolate

Time: 5:00 Minutes

This is the tutorial level, which really easy and can be achieved in less than five minutes with some practice. The level is linear, and is based a little bit on Alice in Wonderland, as Homer will have to follow a white chocolate rabbit trough a dream level. The first basics are jumping that is done with A and punching that’s executed with the B button. The second part of the scenario is really easy; just punch the fountains until there is no one left, to open the next area. The next area has other fountains, but you can choose to destroy them or not. Just go and search for the lever, to activate the platforms. Jump into the platforms and climb to the top, kill the white rabbit and you will fall inside the cake. Kill the other rabbits with the roll attack to finish the tutorial.

Area 2

Enter the Bartman

Time: 10:00 Minutes

This level is fairly easy, even if it can be confusing since the camera sometimes won’t aim to the desire location. You will play as Bart and Homer. The first thing that you need to do is to shoot the crate with Bart so you can enter the big room. Stand on the switch with Homer and then change to Bart to climb the ledges (you can’t climb with Homer). When you arrive at the top, glide to the center of the room, between the abyss. There press the switch to active a bridge, then go to the other side of the room and climb the vines. When you are in the top, press the lever to let the stairs fall down and change to Homer. With Homer go up and stand in one of the switches, then step on the other switch and a door will open that will lead you to the main hallway of the museum.

On the main hallway, go with Homer to a set of stairs that are next to a T-Rex. Climb the stairs and, with Homer, sit on the T-Rex head until the skeleton starts to succumb. Switch to Bart and climb quickly to the T-Rex. Glide until you reach the next room.

The third room can be a little tricky; because first the targets need to be activated by Homer to make the dioramas where Dolph is hiding to function. With Bart you will need to hit every target to make Dolph move out of his hiding spot. After the third diorama Dolph will end up in the information room of the museum. Defeat him and the path to the fourth and final room will open. There you will fight Jimbo.

The fourth room is really tricky because you will need to focus closely on where you are going to jump. First you need to go with Bart and glide over the ventilators that are on the left. Then quickly with Homer push the button to activate the second ventilator. Change to Bart, and then hover to the shuttle. Follow the path until you reach a balcony where you need to pull a lever down and let a set of stairs to go down. Change to Homer, and climb up, jump to the satellite to create a seesaw, then with Bart jump from the highest part to the platforms and climb to the planet. Defeat Jimbo and you will win the second area.

Area 3

The Eating Contest

Time: 10:00 Minutes

This is probably the most linear scenario, just follow the path and the instructions will be given during every part of the stage with some small cinematic scenes. The objective of this is to reach the Statue of Liberty in less than ten minutes. Then when you reach the Statue of Liberty, you will need to be precise if you are aiming to win the scenario in the time limit. The trick with the Statue is simple: first hit the big coin switch that appears in front of you that will activate the spinning of the Statue, then hit at the crack of the Statue with a Homer Roll. Do the same process twice and you will win the level.

Area 4

Lisa and The Green Peace

Time: 10:00 Minutes

This is another linear level, but it’s also probably one of the most frustrating ones because it requires a lot of jumping, and sometimes the B button won’t react on time. The first scenes of the stage are action-oriented. Before destroying the enemies, destroy the portable potties, as they will restock the scenario with enemies. After you destroy the potties, go and destroy the rest of the enemies because they will make you impossible to move on. After 3 scenes you will be in a moving belt, which is quite easy. Don’t be afraid of the saws but try to avoid the enemies that they will try to hit you. Reach the end of the moving belt and turn off the lever, then go to the next area.

The next area can be a little tricky because the jumping button won’t react properly while you try to cross the lodges (imagine Frogger, only more frustrating). You can pass the lodges with Bart or Lisa but first you need to activate a lever. Then switch to Lisa, and activate the Buddha statue to create a platform so Bart can jump and execute the next scene.

Save Carl and Lenny. First use Lisa’s power to remove the debris that is trapping Lenny and Carl. After you do that, change to Bart and hit the target that is at the end of the machinery to stop the machine and win the level.

Area 5

Marge, the Mob and the Tale of Itchy and Scratchy

Time: 15:00 Minutes

This part of the guide as well as the other levels involving Marge are going to be divided into sections as they require perfect timing.

  1. Remember that Marge has a special ability has well. She can control mobs. If you want to use her ability, shake down the controls to activate it by pointing into an individual of Springfield that is walking alone.

  2. Take control of Flander and destroy the obstacle. Then take control of Edna and Apu. Destroy the enemies and destroy the parade cars to reveal a trampoline.

  3. Switch to Lisa and activate the Buddha statue that is on the ledge of one of the building. Take the platform/trampoline and place it between the ledge.

  4. Go to the new open area. Destroy the enemies, then with Marge send the mob to destroy a crack in the wall. Take control of every citizen you see, because you will need them.

  1. When you are moving through the rooftops, there is going to be a billboard that is electrified, but there are no switches around you. The answer lies with Maggie. Send Maggie to the crawlspace to deactivate the electricity.

  2. The next part is really easy. Just destroy the enemies with Marge, send the mob to destroy the Itchy and Scratchy parade cars, then send the mob to construct a platform with the cars. Switch to Lisa and with the Buddha statue place the newly platforms into their respective spaces.

  3. The next is fairly easy. Gather your mob and destroy the Itchy and Scratchy statue in the middle of the plaza. Help them because the enemies will kill them from time to time.

  4. When the statue is finished, go to the City Hall building. Send Maggie through the ducts and retrieve the information to put a stop to Mayor Quimby.

Area 6

Super Simpson’s Brothers 2

Time: 15:00 Minutes

This level is similar as a Mario Bros game. The explanation of how to reach to the boss is really easy. Just follow the path as this level has little to explore since it is inside a pipe factory. You will know that you are reaching the boss when you hit a room with many pipes and you need to complete the puzzle to move into the boss chamber. To go to the boss chamber you need to follow this sequence with the pipes:




…and the metal U-Shaped pipes look like:



Drop the U-Shaped pipes onto the “Mario” pipes so that the arrangement looks like:




Remember to do the sequence with Bart as he has the glide ability. Defeating the “Donkey Kong” boss is easy. Just activate the three Buddha statues with Lisa and hit the boss 3 times.

Area 7

The Night of the Dolphin

Time: 10:00 Minutes

As the last level, this level located at the port is quite short. Just beat the enemies down to move on and reach the aquarium. In the aquarium, you have to defeat the aquarium king and mascot, King Snorky. First go left or right and close those tanks with Bart. When they are closed, climb to the one with the Buddha Statue and use Lisa’s power to take control of the electrifying eels that are in the middle aquarium. Take one of the eels and throw it in the aquarium with King Snorky, then with Bart aim at the target above King Snorky to make him fall into the electrified tank.

Area 8

The Attack of the Colossal Advertising

Time: 10:00 Minutes

This level is short. It is a boss fight with the Lard Lard Donut mascot. To win this fight you have to open the hatches of the mascot and push the circuits that are inside. There is no actual strategy to be given as it can be defeated with Bart or Homer. Try to create your own strategy as there are several ways to shut him down, but beware of his lasers.

Area 9

Close Encounters of the Funny Kind

Time: 5:00 Minutes

Another simple level. Ignore the aliens and try to head as soon as possible with Homer to the last platform and avoid the lava pits. When you reach the middle platform, hit the lever with Homer and help Bart to reach the other platforms. With Homer turn off the lever that is pulling Cletus into the beam, and that’s it. Mission accomplished.

Area 10

Stop the Burner

Time: 2:00 Minutes

Follow the path, be quick and you will win this level. At the end there is a lever that you need to push to save your 90’s counterparts.

Professor Frink Simulation Extravaganza

Professor Frink Simulation Extravaganza

Area 11 of the game is comprised of four separate areas that need to be completed before reaching the last one. They can be frustrating because of the emphasis on the difficulty, but they’re not impossible to defeat.

  1. NeverQuest: This is a not so clever parody of Everquest. To kill the dragon, just roll on it a couple of times with Homer, and with Marge avoid the Dragon as it destroys three houses. This level is best in multiplayer. As soon as the Dragon is finished, go to the next room and with the fantasy themed mob, defeat the easy puzzle. Afterwards, there is a labyrinth that can be resolved quickly. Next you have to resolve another small puzzle to open the dragon door. To defeat the dragon, just shoot grenades at him and avoid the trolls.

  2. Grand Theft Scratchy: Easier than the first level of Marge. This time, it’s more linear and less enemies are seen. Just follow the instructions given to move one.

  3. World War Simpson: This mini-level is really easy. Just find the flags with the help of the map.

  1. Simpsons Anime: This level is a mix between the third level and the first one. Just follow the instructions and can be defeated in no time.

Matt Groening The Simpson’s God

The last level is a blast, but here ends this guide. No more information is going to be given in order to avoid spoilers and ruin it. The last level which is really fun and even includes a sequence of Dance Dance Revolution against God.