Finding the Best Free Tetris Games

Finding the Best Free Tetris Games
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Sonic Tetris Blox (5 out of 5)

Sonic Tetris Blox is a fun free Tetris game published by Online Game. It combines Sonic the Hedgehog elements with authentic Tetris-style gaming. The music and animation is excellent, and the gameplay area onscreen in rather large compared to some other Flash versions of Tetris.

Controlling the blocks in Sonic Tetris Blox is as easy as using the arrow keys, which makes for an almost instant learning process when it comes to getting acquainted with the game. Overall, this Flash game has no apparent bugs and does not require any downloading or registration to use.

Those who enjoy Sonic the Hedgehog, his buddies such as Tails, and the original Tetris gaming experience should find their experience with Sonic Tetris Blox easy and fun.

Tetris Arcade (5 out of 5)

Free Flash games include Tetris Arcade.

Tetris Arcade is another fun free Tetris game published by Online Game. It comes with a friendly warning that this version of Tetris may be especially addictive and to not play if you do not have a lot of time. This actually is true, even for certain seasoned gamers. Tetris Arcade is a very realistic version of the original Game Boy Tetris game, though it does lack the same music.

The screen size is generous for most free Tetris games, and the color scheme is not too harsh on the eyes.

Tetris Arcade has the same basic structure as any authentic Tetris-based game, though it does occasionally have a bomb block. Even a first time player with enough dedication can easily get a top score. The keys used for game play are the arrows, which make it a quick process to adapt to this Flash version. No downloads of registration is required to use Tetris Arcade, and there do not appear to be any bugs that would affect game play.

Flash Blox Tetris (4 out of 5)

Flash Blox Tetris is one of the best free Tetris games available.

Flash Blox Tetris is yet another great free Tetris game published by Online Game. This version at first appeared like it might be the best Tetris game ever, but it did fall short in a couple of areas.

Like other Online Game free Flash games, Flash Blox Tetris offers players a generous screen size and excellent color scheme. The graphics in this version are especially nice, with extra touches such as an image of the moon. The music is also close to the authentic theme of the original Game Boy Tetris version. Game play itself is nearly identical to the original Tetris, with level changes every 10 lines speeding up the pace - and upping the stakes - of the game.

There are annoying, almost grinding sounds however, whenever the player is using the left, right, or down arrows to move the blocks. An additional caveat, though small, is that in this Online Game free Tetris version you have to use the space bar - instead of the up arrow - to rotate the blocks.

Despite these issues, Flash Blox Tetris seems to be one of the most authentic Tetris gaming experiences available for free online. Like other Online Game programs, no downloading or registration is required.