Battle Pirates

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    • Guide to Offense Strategy in Battle Pirates
      Learn the basics of how to design a good fleet and how battles work in Battle Pirates.
    • A Guide to Resources in Battle Pirates
      When the resource generators in your own base aren't enough, it's time to attack salvage fleets and Draconian mines. Learn how these work here.
    • Guide to the Map in Battle Pirates
      Wondering what's out there in the darkness of the ocean under all that fog of war? All is revealed here!
    • Guide to Battle Pirates Defense Strategy and Base Layout
      The best base layout designs in Battle Pirates include a single-entrance moat. Read on to find out why, and the key tips to keep in mind while setting up your own.
    • Facebook Games: Battle Pirates Review
      Battle Pirates is a Facebook game that gives you a base to build and warships to create. Build defenses, walls, and outfit your ships with different weapons and armor as you complete quests or battle other users on the game map.
    • Facebook Game Guides: Battle Pirates
      Battle Pirates is a base building war game you can play on Facebook. Build a base complete with defenses, use technology, and build great warships as you battle it out on the high seas. Use this game guide to get started with Battle Pirates on Facebook.