Game Guides: Facebook Battle Pirates Guide

Game Guides: Facebook Battle Pirates Guide
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Battle Pirates Guide: Your Resources

Before you can create ships you’ll need to get a decent economy going in Battle Pirates. Like many browser strategy games your economy forms the basis of your game and you can’t do much without it firing on all cylinders. There are several resources you need in the game including oil, metal, energy, and zynthium. Each resource needs to be sent to storage after it is harvested by clicking on the resource mines. You can add more mines to your base and upgrade each mine t produce more resources for your economy. Build a warehouse to store extra resources and use the trading post to buy resource packs with game credits. As you complete quests you’ll also get some resources as rewards.

Military Structures

Battle Pirates

Battle Pirates has several military structures to build in the game. In the weapons lab you can upgrade existing weapons and research new ones for your ships. The naval lab allows you to build new ship hull and research new armor types for your ship hulls. Building a war academy allows you to control more than one fleet at a time. Other military structures include the shipyard and the dock.

Building Ships

To build ships in the game you’ll need a shipyard. Use the drop down list in the shipyard to pick the hull you want to build providing you have the research done for that hull type. Once you pick the hull you can add armor and weapons to your ship. You can view the resources it will take to build the ship as well as the time to completion. Some advanced ships have the ability to hold more than one weapon. Once your ship is ready you can create a fleet.

The Dock

At the dock you can take finished ships and create fleets with them. Be sure you have upgraded your war academy so you can build more than one fleet at the dock. Click on the dockyard to view your fleets and add new ships to an existing fleet. Each fleet can hold up to five ships and use the menu at the top of the screen to add more fleets provided you have the slots to create one. Press the launch fleet button to sail your ships and enter the combat area of the game. A the dock you can also repair damaged ships once they return from battle.


Battle Pirates

Your base has numerous defenses you can add including walls and turrets. Click the defenses button on the build menu and select from several wall types t surround your base. Build a defensive platform and then click on the platform to set the turret type. You’ll need to do the require research to have all the different turrets available for your base. You can research different turrets for your base defenses in the weapons lab.

The Weapons Lab

Battle Pirates

In the weapons lab you can build weapons for your ships and defensive turrets for your base. Click the ship weapons tab to begin to research weapons for your ships. You must have the required weapons lab level and resources to research the new weapon in the lab. Weapons have several levels so if you build the thud cannon for example, and research it up to level four to increase the damage. The same principle applies to the base weapons in the weapons lab.

Battle Map

On the battle map you can move your fleets around and engage NPC fleets or other Facebook users. Some areas hold resources and after defeating the fleet there you can collect the resources. Use the chat window to talk to other players or the full-screen mode for a large play area. The default game window is quite small so you’ll want to use full-screen mode most of the time when playing the battle mode of the game. Click the grey areas on the map and select “move here” to get your ships to a new area of the map. Currently you can’t attack another player’s base but this is coming soon to the game. Once your fleet is back at your base click “view base” to enter back iinto the base building mode of the game.


Battle Pirates is quite new so there should be more content soon like the ability to attack another player’s base. Be sure you have a solid economy before you get to far into ship building since you’ll need tons of resources. Read the game forums if you need more help with this great Facebook game.


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Source: Article is author’s own experiences playing Battle Pirates on Facebook.