Facebook Games: Warbase Review

Facebook Games: Warbase Review
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Warbase Basics (3 out of 5)

Warbase is a Facebook RTS game where you build up a base, construct units and then send them to a rally point to complete text-based missions. You can also attack other Facebook users with your armies. The game features, infantry, vehicles, defenses, homes and other structures you can build. At level five, you can construct aircraft. To earn revenue in the game you construct homes and businesses so the game is much like a stripped down city builder too. Roads and decorations such as crates and streetlights are available for your base as well. Decorative items help improve the morale rating of your troops.

City Building (3 out of 5)


War base has a city building component to it in addition to the military structures. You can build basic homes, a post office, water tower, gas station, hospital, mess hall, and other structures. These buildings provide you with game coins to build units and other structures in the game. Your base can have defensive obstacles such as sand bags, fences, tank traps, barricades, and other structures that boost your base defensive rating. So for example, a basic sandbag would give you plus ten defense to your base. These defenses can help you win battles against other Facebook users. You have some landscaping options such as roads, grass but the selection in minimal. The core component of Warbase is constructing military units, taking missions, and battling other game players.

Making Units (3 out of 5)

The game features several military structures to build units in the game these include the barracks, vehicle factory, and air base. Once a unit is finished, you can send it to the staging area and take part in a text-based mission. Each mission will require a certain number of troops you’ll have to build. Once the mission is over you’ll have to make more troops until you master the mission and you can take another one. This is quite different from regular Facebook games of this genre and its cool to make units and put them into missions. The game would be even better if these emission where hands-on but for a Facebook game they do the job.

Multiplayer (3 out of 5)


In Warbase, you can battle it out with other game users. All you need is some troops built to take part in battles. The multiplayer side of the game is disappointing since battles take place automatically and you can’t control your troops. The game features a world conquest mode but this is currently disabled so it’s difficult to see if this would make the multiplayer side any better. In Skirmish mode, you simply click another user and wait for the result, which isn’t very engaging or fun. Facebook games need to move past this text-based system when it comes to multiplayer elements. I hope that once the conquest mode is worked out the multiplayer side will change.

Graphics/Sound (3 out of 5)

Warbase is a nice looking game but the city building component is a bit weak in the graphics department. The game features a soundtrack but during missions or at the end of PvP there’s an annoying beep, which could be drooped altogether or improved. You can see your units moving from the barracks and factories and going inside the staging area. Overall, the graphics and sound for Warbase are decent but not outstanding by any means for a Facebook game.

Overall Game Play and Conclusion (3 out of 5)

Warbase is an average Facebook game that can be fun to play. The game has an army men feel to it where you build different units such as infantry, vehicles and planes and then send them on missions It’s nice to construct individual units for missions. The game has enough units to build and missions to keep you busy for some time but the multiplayer component is a bit weak. With some work on the world conquest mode, te game could become fun to play. The game is a step in the right direction way from text-based games making Warbase worth playing if you like war style Facebook games.


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Source: Article is author’s own experiences playing Warbase on Facebook.