Play Chess on Your Mobile Phone

Play Chess on Your Mobile Phone
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What to Consider when Choosing an Application

There are lots of factors to consider when choosing the appropriate chess game application, simply because there are just so many varieties available. Apart from the more superficial, yet important, factors like aesthetics and memory consumption, there is the all-important consideration of chess player levels.

The most important consideration when choosing the right chess application for a mobile phone is the sophistication of the algorithm itself. More skilled players will want to have a challenge when playing the game, rather than winning each time against an ineffective computer opponent. However, a novice may prefer to start slowly with an easier skill level, and then move up slowly.


Chessmaster is one of the more sophisticated chess games available in the mobile games market. It has multiple levels of gameplay, starting off gently for the absolute novice and building to a reasonable challenge for skilled players. The player pits their wits against the computer in an effort to win the game. However, in spite of having a beginner level, the game cannot instruct the user in the techniques of playing chess.

To its advantage, the program has chess-related auxiliary games which are quite entertaining. Also the graphics are very nicely done. However, the downside is that the computer sometimes makes ridiculous mistakes – and while those are few and far between, they detract from the enjoyment of the gameplay especially at more advanced levels.

Chessmaster is a Java-based game, and can therefore be played on most mobile handsets. It is available for download from the GameLoft site for $4.99.

Chess Conquest

Chess Conquest

Chess Conquest is an unusual chess game which challenges you to battle through a storyline, with the occasional chess game interspersed in the middle. There are also a number of problems that need to be solved for the user to proceed further into the game. Chess Conquest is an interesting meld of two types of games, chess and role-playing games. Although both involve strategy and puzzle-solving, the layout of the game lends an entirely new flavour to chess.

There are a number of different levels of gameplay which would suit a player with average chess skills. A more advanced player would probably find the storyline childish, while a novice would perhaps find the chess puzzles difficult.

The game is available for most platforms that support Java applications. It can be downloaded from the Game Mobile site for $5.99.


ChessGeniusOne of the most sophisticated chess applications available for mobile phones is ChessGenius. The good news with ChessGenius is that it has different versions for different platforms.

The game packs in excellent graphics and a powerful artificially intelligent processor, making gameplay very challenging. In fact, it is so good it managed to beat a world chess champion once.

However, all the brilliance comes at the steep price of $25. Rest assured though, the application is well worth the investment.

Chess by Cellufun

Chess by Cellufun

Although most of the better chess programs need to be bought, it certainly does not mean that the free versions are useless altogether. Some are quite good, and they are released under the GNU Public Licence which makes them free to download and use.

One of these programs is Chess by Cellufun. This particular game can be downloaded from the Cellufun website for free. Much like the other applications, it has three modes: play against the computer, play against an actual opponent online, or play against the web server. The choices make for an interesting game, as there is a range of opponents to choose from at any given time.