Virtual City: Hints and Tips

Virtual City: Hints and Tips
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Has anyone in your family ever dreamed about creating a city of their own? A city where only they get to call the shots, with all successes and failures on their head with no one to blame? Sounds stressful? Well, you can run your own city by playing the PC game called Virtual City! And best of all, there are no dire consequences if you fail at making your city flourish.

You can either make your city a paradise for citizens by building lovely homes, or you can go the industrial way by making and selling

goods for money. Virtual City is played level by level, with goals that must be accomplished to advance to the next. There are goals such as upgrading farms and trucks, purchasing new items, and increasing your city population.

Virtual City players can pick the paths their trucks take to deliver goods, and what type of goods they want to create and sell. It’s the players choice on whether or not they upgrade their farms and trunks more than what’s required.

At the beginning, game play is slow as the player learns the basics of Virtual City. But in a few levels, Virtual City will increase in addictiveness. Although the levels get more challenging, this is a pretty easy, straightforward game for the most part - perfect for the entire family.

Hints and Tips

Virtual City is a pretty easy game for players of all ages. Although some levels may take some time to accomplish, these levels are simple for even the youngest of players.

Yet when you pass the 50+ level mark, game play becomes complicated. To pass to the next level, harder requirements take place of the previously easy ones that existed for the lower levels. Luckily, there are some tips and hints that all ages can use to reach the last level of Virtual City as smoothly as possible.

#1 Accomplish Any Goals First

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Although it might be more attractive to upgrade that truck one last time instead of accomplishing the last goal on the list, priority should be placed on the latter. Playing this game is similar to doing homework or going to work - you have to put priority over work first, and then you can play. By spending resources on unnessary things, you might end up not having enough resources required for the goals that must be accomplished.

If you find that you have enough resources for the goals as well as extras, you can go ahead and splurge. Otherwise, just do what’s necessary for the goals and nothing else.

Telling children to do this in order to progress further in the game is a great way to teach them about prioritizing their life based on what needs to be accomplished first.

#2 Replay Levels In Order to Win Trophies

If players attempt to win a trophy in a level that they’ve never played before, they will likely end up winning no trophie

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s as well as losing the level at the same time. When someone plays a level for the first time, they typically have no idea how to win the level. These players experiement to see what works best when it comes to accomplishing all the goals required to move on to the next level. Even when a player discovers how to win a level, they are unable to do so in the required time limit.

Trying to win trophies in a level you’ve only played for the first time is setting yourself up for failure. There is a very small chance you will be able to do this, especially if you are far into the game.

#3 Pay Attention to the Tutorial

The average adult is probably able to play a simple PC game without a tutorial, yet a younger child might have no idea how to play without one. Thus the necessity of a tutorial. If it’s your first time playing Virtual City, it is defiinitely worthwhile to pay attention to the tutorial. It will likely teach you some valuable gameplay tips that you would otherwise miss.


All images are screenshots of the game Virtual City. These screenshots were taken by me while playing for the purpose of adding them to this article.