Wildlife Camp: Hints and Tips

Gameplay (5 out of 5)

Wildlife Camp

The Wildlife Camp PC game will be loved and played often by any true animal lover. You play as a character who nurses various African animals back to health using a stethoscope and other medical tools.

Besides healing animals, players can also feed animals and do fun activities such as mounting an elephant. The savanna and the surrounding villages can be accessed using vehicles such as a Jeep, air boats, and even helicopters.

The ten animals are beautifully animated and are also highly customizable. Players get to fully control and run an African wildlife camp that must provide the best care for animals out of all the wildlife camps in Africa.

Character Customization (4 out of 5)

In this game, all players start by creating a customizable character, which will serve as the player's avatar. After creating an avatar, players have the choice of going through a very detailed tutorial that will leave players equipped with the knowledge to be highl

y successful at this game.

Players are able to explore the vast environment, use 120 different items of clothing, accessories and hairstyles on their character, teach animals via 12 training methods, and complete the endless supply of various missions and tasks.

Sounds and Graphics (4 out of 5)

Most players love this game due to its direct involvement with animals and its outstanding graphics and sounds. All the animals and the surrounding environment are drawn with great detail, and you can tell an abundance of effort was put in to ensure that the graphics are perfect and clean, without a flaw to be seen.

The sounds are almost exact replicas of the sounds you would normally hear in a savanna. The ruffling of trees, the calls of African animals, all sounds will make a player feel like they are actually in an African wildlife camp.

Hints and Tips

The Wildlife Camp PC game is a little confusing at first, but it gets easier to understand if once you gain more experience. Although this game is more for the casual, animal-loving player, there are some tips and hints that should be taken to heart in order to greatly enhance gameplay.

#1 Tutorial – A Helpful Tool

No matter how much you know about animals, you will likely find the Wildlife Camp PC game confusing if you decide to ski

Think you can do this on your first try?

p the tutorial the first time you play. When you create your character, you will likely have no idea where to go or what to do. Players will probably be clueless when it comes to feeding animals and healing animals, both actions completely necessary to be successful.

If you've played this game before, you likely won't have any trouble playing without going through the long tutorial. Yet for new players, the tutorial is an absolute must.

#2 Visit Surrounding Areas

To 'win' this game while having the best experience possible, players should explore every area this game has to offer. There are many surrounding areas and savannas that can be accessed using vehicles, air boats, and helicopters.

By exploring beyond your wildlife camp, the player will find more opportunities to take care of and heal African animals. You will find more accessories that can be purchased and you will also have more tasks and quests that must be completed.

#3 Collect Various Accessories

Wildlife Camp1

To make gameplay more fun, players can make an effort to collect the 120+ accessories available for both avatars and animals. Clothing, boots, pants, and hairstyles can be used to customize your avatar to make it look like you or someone totally different. There are even hairstyles that you can use on all ten species of animals to make them look cuter or cooler.

By customizing all your animals, you will be able to distinguish between two animals that happen to be of the same species. No more confusion!


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