Game Guide for M&M’s Beach Party

Game Guide for M&M’s Beach Party
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M&M’s Beach Party is a game for the Wii that the family can play together. This game is centered around the candies playing a variety of beach games, controlled by played using the Wii-mote. This game is geared towards families and younger children.

What the Game Entails

The game hosts the Red, Green, Blue, Yellow and Orange M&M. Players will see an island and this island consists of a six games to play. There is also a seashell-collecting activity.

Players can choose to play single-player, but the game is best played with at least two players. None of the games are very difficult making this a good game for families because younger children will also be able to play.

The games involved do require some movement so families will get some physical activity. Those with injuries or physical disabilities may still be able to play some games, such as collecting seashells or skee-ball, but should exercise caution.

What Can Players Do?

Players can choose from six different games to play in M&M’s Beach Party. The games include volleyball, ring toss, skee-ball, kayak racing

and Mr. Runch slam.

Mr. Runch slam involves pounding a hammer onto a gadget and Mr. Runch will fly into the air and land on some lily pads. The goal is to get Mr. Runch on the lily pads.

Skee-ball is just like normal skee-ball, but somewhat difficult to control in this game. The goal is to get the ball in the holes by rolling it up the platform.

The ring toss involves pulling back the Wii-Mote and trying to get the ring to land on a buoy. This one is quite difficult.

The kayak race involves paddling as best as you can to win the race. This is best played against other players and not the computer.

Volleyball is played on the beach. To win, after the first 10 points, the winner has to be a minimum of two points ahead. Sometimes this can make games go on for a long time.

Lastly, players can choose to collect seashells. There are a total of 20 that can be collected. As players collect them, they unlock new things and once all are collected, the final mini game is unlocked.


M&M Beach Party

First, in the instructions that show on the screen, the Wii-Mote is shown sideways. However, players should not play holding it sideways. Just hold it straight in front of you.

While the games are not terribly difficult, the controls can be a bit wonky and hard to get used to. Because of this, it is best to play this on the easiest level, especially for beginners and younger children.

There are instructions for each game that players can read before starting, but these can be a bit unclear and difficult. Young children may have a hard time understanding them because they are quite long and wordy.

This game, with the exception of the seashell collecting, is best played against other human players. This will of course increase the family friendly aspect, but will also make it easier for those having difficulty with the controls.