Top Four Fun Games for Kids to Play Indoors or Outdoors

Top Four Fun Games for Kids to Play Indoors or Outdoors
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Kids can go crazy picking out eight people to write down on the board, whether they’re characters from their favorite cartoon or the names of their best friends. Draw an Imaginiff card and determine which of the six characteristics listed on the card best matches the personality of the name they landed on.

You can play with up to six people at a time during this game. The cards ask questions like, “Imaginiff so-and-so were a movie character. Who would they be?” The rest of the card gives a list of six options, such as “Marmaduke” or “Clifford.” Not all cards are kid-oriented necessarily, but they’re all family-friendly and inoffensive.

Uno Stacko

It’s Uno meets Jenga with Uno Stacko. A tower of colored blocks towers above the table, just waiting to be plucked apart. Use a dice to determine which color to start extracting, then the next player must collect the same color. Depending on what version you have, the dice also decides if you reverse or draw two cards. In later versions, you’ll find these instructions on the blocks themselves.

This is a great game pick if kids like Uno or Stacko or both, but it’s also ideal if they get easily bored with one or the other. The combination of both games makes for a more interactive gaming experience for everyone and leaves boredom out of the equation.

Bocce Ball

One of the best fun games for kids to play is Bocce ball, an Italian game. Ideal for outdoor events like graduations and family reunions where lots of

Bocce ball

people can get involved, Bocce ball gets everyone off their lawn chairs and taking their best shot with heavy balls.

Here’s how it works: One player throws a small, ping-pong sized ball onto the lawn. Then, two teams of players divide up small, heavy balls. A player tosses the ball toward the ping-pong ball, and whoever launches the ball closest to the smaller ball scores the highest.

Grab It ‘n Go Tag

Mix up the average outdoor tag with a few props and different rules. Divide players into teams of two, then have them each stand in a line with about 40-50 feet of spacing between the lines.

Drop one object – this can be anything that’s easily carried, like a blanket or ball – into the center between the two lines. Have a referee yell “go,” and as soon as he or she does, each teammate must decide whether they’re going to go for the object and bring it back to their team, or whether they should try to snag the ball, or whether they should try to tag the person from the opposite team who tries to grab it instead. You’ll score a point with either choice if successful.

These fun games for kids to play are low-budget, involve many people and don’t necessarily require adult supervision, which makes them ideal for when you want kids to play on their own.


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