How to Take Care of Kids in Babysitting Mania – Game Play, Hints and Tips

About Babysitting Mania

Babysitting Mania

In Babysitting Mania, you play Stacy Wilson who is a student trying to raise enough money to buy a telescope for her astronomy society club. It is a time management game where taking care of kids and cleaning up messes is the main goal.

Game Play

Babysitting Mania screenshot

In each level, Stacy will need to babysit kids in their parent’s house. The kids will run around causing mischief and messes. In order to succeed and move forward in the game, the house will need to be spotless. Once this occurs, the kids can be put to bed and your day ends.

To clean the house, look for items highlighted in red. Click on them and Stacy will be put to work and tidy things up. Some items or tasks will require multiple steps to complete. In these cases, the game will highlight items that require the steps one at a time so they will be completed in order. For instance, when you need to wash clothes they are first placed in the washer, then the dryer and finally put away in the appropriate drawers.

Kids have a lot of energy and will cause messes as they travel from room to room. To help you out, click on them and they will go into a “time out” session where they will sit still for a short time.

To put kids to bed, click on them and then click on their bed(s) so they will go to sleep. If you have succeeded in this task and have cleaned up everything before the parents get home, you can play the next level of the game. A summary score screen will then display your total points, time and any bonuses you may have earned.

You win Babysitting Mania once you have completed all 20 houses with a total of 100 levels.

Game Tips

  • Stacy can do endless chains with her tasks. On some levels there will be lots of laundry and trash that will need to be picked up. Simply click on all items of the same type that are located in the house. Then take the items to the appropriate location to complete the task.
  • Speed up Stacy’s performance by having her drink coffee. This will be located in the kitchen area. Click on the coffee pot and she will work faster for a short amount of time. To fully utilize this time, click on the kids to put them into a “time out” so you can catch up with the messes and complete the level faster (which earns a higher score).
  • When preparing dinner, bring all of the kids to sit at the table. This will give you extra time to get some stuff done without having to worry about any new messes to clean up.
  • To save time, prepare the baby’s bottle ahead of time. Click on the bottle and then click on the warmer to get it ready.

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