Playing the Magic Academy Game - Basic Play, Hidden Object Tasks and Puzzle Tips

Playing the Magic Academy Game - Basic Play, Hidden Object Tasks and Puzzle Tips
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About Magic Academy

After being accepted to the Magic Academy, you discover that your sister who has been studying there has recently disappeared. To solve the mystery, you will need to speak to lots of people at the Academy find the clues that will lead you to her location. For fans of Harry Potter, you will see a lot of striking similarities with many of the characters encountered in the game.

Game Play

Magic Academy screenshot

The game is played in the many rooms of the Academy. As you speak to each individual, they agree to help you only after you have completed a task or two for them. These tasks are mainly hidden object and find the differences puzzles.

In the hidden object game levels, objects are listed by text, a shadow image or will require you to find multiple variations of the same type of item. For find the differences puzzles the room will split in half. Point the mouse over the screen to find the areas that are not the same. Click on the item(s) that don’t belong to remove them from the image.

Every task in Magic Academy is timed. To help you out, a hint button is available. You can keep reusing it, but you will need to wait for it to refresh (and it is slow).As you complete each level, your total time will display on screen. If you fail, the level will need to be repeated in order to move forward in the game.

Win the game after successfully completing all 21 chapters with their corresponding puzzles.

Other Puzzles

Magic Academy offers other types of puzzle games for you to solve. Like other tasks in the game, they are all timed.

  • Concentration Puzzles – You will need to find matching pairs of like images, which causes them to disappear and reveals a large picture beneath them. The uncovered picture gives you a clue that will help you find your sister.
  • Picture Puzzles – Blocks that represent pieces of an image will need to be moved around to form a large image. To move a piece, click on it and then click on the location where you want it to be moved.
  • Fix the Puzzle – Instead of moving puzzle pieces to different locations on the board, they are turned around individually in order to display the completed image.

Things to Keep in Mind

  • Clicking on an incorrect object too frequently it will result in loss of time.
  • To solve the Picture Puzzles faster, first find the pieces that form the edges. These will be identified by looking for a line on the edge of the piece. The lines will appear horizontal or vertical, which let you know which side it belongs to.
  • For the Find the Differences puzzle, your mouse is your best guide. While you highlight one side of the screen, on the opposite side you will see a different icon which helps by isolating the spot you are looking at on the other end.

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