The Magic Adventure of Grimm's Hatchery - Cheats and Helpful Tips for a Successful Quest

The Magic Adventure of Grimm's Hatchery - Cheats and Helpful Tips for a Successful Quest
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About Grimm’s Hatchery

Grimm’s Hatchery is an action adventure simulation game set in a magical land. A young man has lost his home and money due to the devious actions of his brother. If he can earn 300,000 gold coins within eighty days, he will be able to move back into his home and reclaim his heritage. To do so, he decides to open up a magic animal farm. These various types of egg producing animals will be bred and taken care of on a daily basis. He can also make money by crossbreeding different types of eggs and fulfilling quests for people who live in the town.

Basic Game Play

Grimm’s Hatchery screenshot

To start off the game, you will have a limited number of animals. To take care of them you will need food and medicine. In the town area(s) you can purchase animals, food and other supplies to help with the farm. Navigate between sections of the game by clicking on the scroll towards the bottom of the screen.

Depending on how many animals you have, the amount of food purchased should be at least equal to the numbers that reside on your farm. Purchase items from merchants by clicking on them, then selecting the action you need.

After needed items are purchased, go back to your farm to start your day. The animals will walk around the grounds and start laying eggs. Click on the eggs to collect them. When they are hungry or sick, a thought bubble will appear above their head to let you know. During these levels you will also need to be wary of predatory creatures that will attack and kill your defenseless animals. Protect the farm by clicking on the creatures several times to kill them. If you have a weapon like a sword or stick, you can defend more effectively.

At the end of the day, you have the option to continue to the next day or go to the market to sell and buy items you need. Eggs can be sold directly to merchants for money or you can attempt to hatch them in your hatchery.

To use the hatchery, click on the cauldron icon on the left side of the screen. From here, select an egg to be hatched and click on it. Not all eggs will be hatched successfully. It seems to be a random process.

Winning the Game

As you earn more money and complete quests, you will have access to other areas of the town. Each section has different types of animals that will produce higher valued eggs. You will also have the opportunity to crossbreed eggs to create new types of animals. If you earn the 300,000 in 80 days you win Grimm’s Hatchery.

Grimm’s Hatchery Cheats and Tips

  • Greenwich Square has an egg lab where you can crossbreed eggs to create new types of magical animals. Mix a green, blue, gold or red dragonfly egg with any other type of animal egg to get interesting results.
  • A tractor will help you collect eggs faster. To obtain it, you will need to collect tractor parts from Grimm’s Farm, Hobb’s Cottage and Rosewood manor. Then see Wimbeldy in the Badlands, and have him build the tractor for you.
  • The Petriwood is a good defensive creature who can protect your farm from predators.
  • Extra gold can be earned through quests from people in town.
  • When you can, upgrade your weapons for better defense.
  • Bomber Birds can eliminate predators if they blow up. However, there is a chance that some of your own animals may get caught in the blast.
  • The value of the animals in your game is inversely related to the level of difficulty. For instance, if you play Insane Mode, animals are valued at 50 percent of their purchase price.
  • Keeping your animals happy can be a challenge. Each varies in the level of maintenance and cost. The most low maintenance animals are the Firebird, Black Dragon, Ruby Gryphon, Gryphonette and Purple Dragon. Alternatively, the high maintenance animals are the Green Dragonfly, Golden Dragonfly, Rascal, Blue Dragonfly and the Red Dragonfly.

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