Guide to Insanitarium Deluxe – Game Play and Helpful Tips

About Insaniquarium Deluxe

Insaniquarium Deluxe

Insaniquarium Deluxe is an action adventure style game where you can take care of fish and defend them against alien creatures. It offers over twenty levels with fast clicking action, a variety of fish and upgrades. You can play in Adventure, Time Trial and Challenge mode.

Adventure Game Play Mode

The Adventure mode is the main part of the game. Each level is set in a fish tank. You will need to earn enough money to purchase the three pieces of a special egg. To start off, you will have a couple of guppies. You will need to feed and take care of their health. Click on the tank to dispense food or medicine. As the guppies eat, they will get bigger and drop silver and gold coins. Collect the coins by clicking on them.

In Insaniquarium Deluxe, you will also need to worry about aliens attacking your fish. They will occasionally teleport into your tank. You will need to click on the aliens to kill them. As you gain levels in the game, new weapon upgrades will become available that will help you eliminate them more efficiently.

As money is earned, the option to purchase more fish, food upgrades, egg pieces and weapons become available.

Game play continues in the same way as levels progress. New fish, tanks and upgrades will also become unlocked. Special pets will also become available as levels are completed. These do not cost anything, but can offer extra bonuses or help you out in some way. Once unlocked, you will have the option to add them to your future levels.

To win the game, all levels in all five tanks need to be unlocked and completed successfully.

Game Play Tips

  • As soon as you can, purchase weapon upgrades for better defense against the aliens. They kill them faster with less clicking.
  • Shoot the alien’s head to push it downwards. Shoot the tail to deflect it upwards. To shoot faster, click with the left mouse button and scroll wheel.
  • When feeding the fish, always drop food from the top of the tank. This will give your fish more time to pick it up. Once the food hits the bottom, it will disappear.
  • In the shell bonus rounds, focus on collecting the bags. This results in receiving much larger amounts of money.
  • To obtain the gold trophy, you will need to unlock all challenge mode stories. For the silver trophy, you will need all four bonus pets and the seven pet virtual tank limit.
  • In the virtual tank store buy a guppy. Name him “Santa” and he will sing Christmas songs and drop lots of shells.

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Insanitarium Deluxe screenshot

Did you need some extra help playing Insanitarium Deluxe? Check out the following cheat codes and tips about all of the special pets in the game.

Special Pets

Note: The following special pets become available after completion of the specific level listed.

  • Stinky the Snail – (Level 1-1) can pick up coins at the bottom of the tank that you may have missed.
  • Niko the Oyster – (Level 1-2) will occasionally produce pearls that you can click on for extra money.
  • Ichy the Swordfish – (Level 1-3) helps you by attacking enemies when they appear.
  • Prego the Momma Fish – (Level 1-4) populates the fish tank by giving birth to a new guppy every once in a while.
  • Zorf the Seahorse – (Level 1-5) helps you out by feeding the other fish.
  • Clyde the Jellyfish – (Level 2-1) helps by collecting coins in the tank.
  • Vert the Skeleton Fish – (Level 2-2) gives you a few coins at the start of each level.
  • Rufus the Crab – (Level 2-3) – Attacks aliens from the bottom of the tank.
  • Meryl the Mermaid – (Level 2-4) makes guppies drop three rows of coins instantly.
  • Watsworth the Whale – (Level 2-5) helps protect fish from alien or predator attack.
  • Seymour the Turtle – (Level 3-1) gives you a small cash boost.
  • Shrapnel the Mecha-Fish – (Level 3-2) gives you some money when cash is low. However, he can blow up and kill fish.
  • Gumbo the Angler-Fish – (Level 3-3) lures fish away from aliens.
  • Blip the Porpoise – (Level 3-4) lets you know the location of enemies and which fish are hungry. They also unlock all items available to purchase.
  • Rhubarb the Hermit Crab – (Level 3-5) gives you a better chance to pick up the money that fish drop.
  • Nimbus the Manta Ray – (Level 4-1) bounces food and coins back up to the top of the tank.
  • Amp the Electric Eel – (Level 4-2) can electrocute guppies, which will kill them. Diamonds will then drop in the tank.
  • Gash the Shark – (Level 4-3) damages aliens but occasionally eats guppies.
  • Angie the Angelfish – (Level 4-4) brings all dead fish back to life.
  • Presto-Chango, Tadpole Extraordinaire – (Level 5-1) repeatedly transforms into any type of fish or creature you have unlocked.

Fun Cheat Codes

Note: To activate the following Insanitarium Deluxe cheat codes, just type in the appropriate word in any tank screen.

  • Wavy – Displays background waves
  • Zombie – Gives the fish a dead looking appearance
  • Void – Changes background into a blank white screen
  • Time – Shows the current time on the tank screen
  • Space- The background becomes “spacy” looking