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Beetle Bug 3 Hints and Tips

by: Sheila Robinson ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

Beetle Bug 3 is a new action PC game that continues the story of a heroic beetle who can defeat his enemies with weapons and clever strategy. Are you ready for this new underground adventure? Find out details about the game and get some hints and tips to help you succeed.

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    About Beetle Bug 3

    Beetle Bug 3 game In Beetle Bug 3, all of the beetle bug’s children have been kidnapped. The beetle must find and save all of them. There are over 1,300 beetle children so he has his work cut out for him.

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    Game Play

    Beetle Bug 3 screenshot If you have played any of the Beetle Bug games, the controls will be familiar. Move the beetle bug by using the arrow keys. Interactive items like doors, knobs and weapons can be activated with the computer mouse.

    In each level the beetle bug needs to save his children that are hidden in underground areas. Pick up the children by walking over them. Once collected, they need to be dropped off at the nearest exit so they can escape and go home. The level ends once all of the beetle children have been found or time runs out. Scoring is based on overall time, number of children located and bonus items collected. If you fail to complete the level, it will have to be repeated to move forward in the game.

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    Game Tips

    • Acid flasks can explode if dropped or shaken. The beetle bug can take damage if he is caught up in the blast.
    • Beetle bug can travel through the large clear looking pipes. Simply walk up to them to cause the beetle to go through.
    • Food items restore a portion of health.
    • Trap doors can be opened by pressing a similar colored knob.
    • If you get stuck under rocks or are having other problems completing the level you can restart it by pressing the ESC button to reach the main menu.
    • Locked doors are opened with color matched keys. The key(s) will always be found in a location that is a bit away from the matching door.
    • Mines can be collected by having the beetle bug walk over them. They can be activated in any spot by left clicking with the computer mouse.
    • Rocks can slide and fall down. Be careful where you move them as it may cause a beetle child to get crushed accidentally.
    • Monster Flaps in Beetle Bug 3 can cause a lot of damage. However, they can be killed with mines or by dropping rocks on them.
    • Get extra lives by exiting the game and reloading your game
    • Complete level 41 by having the beetle bug eat the cheese around the bombs, while being careful not to drop the bonus jewels. Once the cheese is gone, carefully go to the section above the jewels and walk across it to cause the jewels to drop onto the bombs. From here go back down to reach another row of bombs that are beneath the ones you dropped. Activate these bottom row bombs to open up the walls blocking your way to the end of this level.
    • To complete level 70 you will need to clear a path below and above the trap door buttons by stacking rocks up on either side. Do this by pushing about 4 or five of them from the middle to the far left. From this point take the second rock from the left and push it to the right. Repeat this process for the right side. Next, blow up the rock covering the magnet. Clear the yellow pieces from the trap door buttons, while being careful not to move any that will cause rocks to fall onto the buttons. From here, move the beetle bug to the bottom to blow up the row of rocks. Then clear the final yellow pieces blocking the bottom trap door buttons to get through to the end of the level.
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    Screenshot images for the Beetle Bug 3 article were created by Sheila Robinson.

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