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Avenue Flo - Special Delivery Game Hints and Tips

by: Sheila Robinson ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

In Avenue Flo - Special Delivery, continue the adventures of the spunky waitress made popular in the Diner Dash series. Get some game details along with a few hints and tips to help you out with puzzle filled PC title.

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    About Avenue Flo – Special Delivery

    Avenue Flo - Special Delivery Avenue Flo – Special Delivery is an adventure game filled with hidden object and match style puzzle tasks. The spunky waitress Flo needs to help her friend Vicky set up a baby shower. To make things difficult, some puppies have made a mess out of some of the arrangements. Flo needs to travel around the town and pick up items that are needed. Win the game and make Flo's friend Vicky's baby shower a success!

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    Game Play

    Avenue Flo Special Delivery Game play is centered in multiple scenes throughout the streets of Dinertown. Make Flo walk around town by pointing and clicking at the edge of each scene. An arrow icon will appear indicating that Flo can move in that direction.

    Explore each scene carefully. Tasks that Flo needs to complete are displayed on a list icon that can be accessed at the bottom of the screen. Pick up items from a scene by directly clicking on them. Certain items that are retrieved will be used as interactive items with other people or objects. Flo can get clues to help her out by asking people in the town. Click on a person directly to start a dialog.

    Many buildings can be entered by clicking on the door. Inside, Flo will interact with characters from the town and will be required to perform tasks. A lot of these tasks are hidden object puzzles. Others are matching style mini-games. These mini-games can be skipped if they become difficult to play.

    There is no time limit in Avenue Flo – Special Delivery so the game does not play in individual levels. Instead the game is broken up by sections of a game map that breaks down the town into individual streets. As Flo completes tasks, new areas can be accessed by taking the town’s subway.

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    Hints and Tips

    • Always talk to any character you encounter in the game. They may provide you with some information that will be useful for completing other tasks.
    • Items that are retrieved for other characters are given to them by clicking on the item in the inventory and then clicking on the character who requests it.
    • In the first map area, the badge for the sprout sisters can be found on the subway floor. Use the binder clips you got from the library to help the guy hang up his clothes and obtain the “lucky sock."
    • You will need to find 20 plastic bottles in order to obtain a token from the recycling machine in the first map area.
    • The number 33 ticket for the sprout sisters can be obtained from one of the customers located at Darla’s café.
    • The car that has the stuck toolbox belongs to Simon. He is located at Flo’s diner.
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    *Screenshot images for the Avenue Flo - Special Delivery article were created by Sheila Robinson.

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