Game Hints and Tips for Diaper Dash

About Diaper Dash

Diaper Dash

In Diaper Dash, players need to help Wilson run a daycare center in Diner Town. Wilson is an inventor who hopes to use his ideas to make the babies of the town happy. It is a time management game that has five locations with a total of fifty levels to play.

Game Play

Diaper Dash game

In each level, Wilson needs to earn a specific amount of money in order to move forward in the game. Superior game play can earn an expert score and earn a gold star.

As each baby arrives, click and drag them to the item/location that is needed. The thought bubble above the baby’s head indicates the type of service required. Many babies will require multiple services. Earn bonus points by “swapping” babies to different stations or by color matching them by gender (blue/pink).

Each station will get dirty after a few times of use. Click on the station to have Wilson clean it. Note: Later in the game, you will have an invention created by Wilson that can clean stations for you. Keeping the daycare center clean will also earn you a higher score.

When the parent arrives to pick up the baby, click and drag their child to the waiting area. The parent then pays for the services and leaves with the baby.

In between Diaper Dash levels, upgrades can be purchased with the money earned from game play. These are items that can speed up services at different stations or some other kind of improvement. Wilson will eventually invent a device towards the end of each location level. This item does not cost anything, but will help make running the daycare center a bit smoother.

Hints and Tips

  • During each upgrade section of the game, always try to use up the money. Buy at least a couple of upgrades. Each improvement will become useful as levels get busier.
  • Each type of baby has a different personality. Some will be more impatient than others and will cry when they are upset. The less hearts a baby has, the more difficult it is to make them happy. Impatient babies will show a heart bar that drops quickly. Upgrading the waiting area with toys will help increase their patience.
  • The diaper changing area will need to be cleaned after a few times. When you see the diaper icons in front of the changer at full, you cannot place any other baby there until you remove the diapers and place them in the trash bin.
  • The robot cleaning invention is a useful gadget. The longer it is charged, the more areas it can clean. Try to use it when it is fully charged and there are multiple areas to be cleaned to fully utilize the robot during play. The number of areas it can clean is indicated by the dot icons located on its side. This number can be increased by purchase of an upgrade.

*Screenshot images used for the Diaper Dash game article were created by Sheila Robinson.