Play These Free Games Online for Kids

Play These Free Games Online for Kids
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Path Memory

Test your memory with this simple little memory game for kids. How well can you remember a the path to your house once you have seen it only once. The player will be presented with 3 or more house that will be placed sporadically on the screen. A path line will be automatically drawn from one house to the other in a specific order, then the line will dissolve. Its the player’s job to remember what they just saw and click on the houses in the same order. To test your memory click on the following link to play these free online games for elementary kids. To play this game click on the following link.

Image Credit: Brothersoft

Vocabulary PinBall


This is a great game for teachers to add to their english class. The player will open with a pin ball machine where you will have to use the mouse to shoot the ball up and around a couple of letters. The player must then proceed to keep the ball afloat by controlling the flippers below. The goal is to spell a 3 to 4 letter vocabulary word, then pick the right definition to win the round. To begin testing your vocabulary click on the following link to play.

Image Credit: PlayKidsGames

Alphabet Tunnel Blaster

You are a space cadet and your mission is to blast letters. This game requires kids to review the alphabet at full speed as they approach a wall of letters in their space ship. You will have to blast the letters in alphabetical order before the wall crashes your ship. Can you handle it? Once you blast the letters you will proceed to fly through the hole in the wall you made to continue your journey. To begin blasting the alphabet click on the following link to play this and other free online games for elementary kids.

Letter Fire

Don’t let those letters get away! This simple recognition game will have students clicking away to fire at the floating letters that they are familiar with. You can’t get more simpler than this. The alphabet letters will fly out and you will blast them with the click of a mouse, on the correct letter that matches in the colored squares below. Make sure they don’t float to the other side of the screen or you will lose points. To begin firing away click on the following link to play.

Space Shuttle Launch

Math students get ready to blast off your arithmetic skills? You and your crew are preparing to launch off into space and you will have to show your basic math skills to do so. There will be a math problem that shows up on the space crews main screen, if you answer the problem correctly you will shoot straight to the moon. You have the option to start easy or challenge yourself with some hard problems. Begin your math launching by clicking on the following link to play.