Here Are a Few Sites Where Your Kid Can Make a Computer Game

Here Are a Few Sites Where Your Kid Can Make a Computer Game
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Disney offers a wonderful option for parents and kids. The Disney site allows your child to be in a whole world that is safe for children and creative for them. They can create games and avatars and chat with other children. They are even able to get homework help as they require it. You as a parent can rest assured that your child is on a site that has their safety and education in mind. The site also has videos, music and creative educational experiences that help your child grow and learn while they play. It has the allure of the Disney theme. Princess, Toy Story and every other character is on this site for your kids to enjoy and learn.


nick is a wonderful kid web site to make computer games. It is specifically geared to education and moral values such as trust, honesty and concern for others. The site is all about the child’s fun. Kids can chat with one another, watch educational videos and make things using the site’s interface. The site is designed to allow the children kids the chance to see various videos and play games at each age group. It is specifically age appropriate. Even pre-school children can make use of the site. They can draw and learn how to read through the site. Every child today knows who Dora is. There are so many colorful and fun characters for your kids to learn from.

Yahoo Kids


Yahoo Kids is another great web site to make computer game for kids. This is a bit more liberal than the first two. It is still educational. There is the benefit of the site having homework help for the kids as well. That is an option that no other kids web site has that is at this level of popularity. This site is colorful and allows your kids to see the world through their own level of understanding. There are more rock videos and movies for kids to enjoy. The age group is more geared towards tweens. There are still pre-school videos but the site is predominately more for the older child.


Kid web sites to make computer games for kids are a dime a dozen but these are some of the best. They are safe and offer an educational experience for your children. They can play and be safe while they make computer games and watch videos that will enhance their lives. Each site offers something different for your children. Each allows your kids an opportunity to explore web sites to make video games. Check them out and see what you think of the sites. One of them is sure to match your need for your kids.

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