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Best Free Disney Games for Kids

by: Laura Jean Karr ; edited by: M.S. Smith ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

Disney online offers many games with paid access but here we look at some of the free online games that parents and kids alike can get into.

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    Some of the Best Free Disney Games for Kids Online

    Disney is seemingly every where these days, from movies to dolls and even school supplies. There is not a kid in America who isn't familiar with all things Disney related. Online the Disney group provides several gaming areas for both kids and adults with the majority of the gaming areas needing a paid monthly membership subscription.

    There are some free games online at Disney with some great multi-level game play. Based on promotion for the newest Disney productions, these games offer adventure while allowing you to take part in being some of Disney's most popular characters. Here we are going to go over some of those free games and include direct links to help you get to the game play faster without having to search Disney's full range of entertainment and promotional web pages.

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    G-Force: Team Tactics

    G force1 G-Force Team Tactics, is a free browser game based on the animated live action movie G-Force. The game starts off by allowing you to pick your team members and runs you through the first mission with a tutorial.

    Once your created team has finished that first mission there are seven more missions to be completed to finish the game. Fun for kids and parents alike, this game will give you free play at Disney online without having to download anything to the PC. To play this game, click here: G-Force Team Tactics

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    Wizard's of Waverley Place: Quest for the Stone of Dreams

    WizardsofWaverleyPlace The Wizard's of Waverley Place game Quest for the Stone of Dreams is based off of the movie by the same name released this year. In the game you can chose to play either Alex or Justin as you search for the lost stone of dreams from the map that you've found.

    You start the game with three lives and can earn more by collection stone statues and magic potions in each level. Check points allow you to come back to a certain point and not have to start at the beginning should you run out of lives. To get started on the free game play, click here: Quest for the Stone of Dreams

    You can play more free online games from Disney. Just follow the links bellow and enjoy the games.

    The UP Movie Balloon Blow Up

    Sonny With a Chance, So Random: Scavenger Hunt

    Ponyo To The Rescue

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