How Computers Affect Children in School Environment

How Computers Affect Children in School Environment
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How Computers Affect Children in School

When it comes to the topic of using computers in school, both parents and teachers alike want to ensure that how computers affect the children in school is positive and beneficial. This will be used in the long run for overall life skills and career choices. Let’s look at how computers affect children in the school environment and the resulting benefit of incorporating them. Computers affect both the long term home, school and social context that the child will eventually interact with.

Game Software and Curriculum

Many teachers and educational facilities have discovered that having computers in the school is beneficial due to the fact that educational video games are developed to teach and reinforce specific subjects. Everything from math, language arts, science, and art is available through a computer game for both the teacher and student to engage in.

Keyboarding Skills

Most classrooms from kindergarten and up would like to get the students prepared for using the computer to “write” everything from navigating the mouse to leaving the numbers and letters on the keyboard. Typing and mouse navigation are undoubtedly skills that must be honed for life. Once a child is introduced to this in the classroom, it carries a lot of weight in how the child will build their skill as a typist, information technology expert, or even a hardware technician in the future. As the child gets a handle over these bare necessities hardware tools, they will develop an appetite to explore other parts of the computer.

Internet Research

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In the classroom, teachers use internet research with caution, as well as pleasure to begin the exploratory education process. Children use the internet to complete assigned tasks, such as trying to find out how to make their own science project to creating their own recipe. Internet research has in most cases either augmented to or replaced the traditional library. Children can now go on their computer and via internet access, have everything they need to complete their project at their fingertips.

Internet in school is also beneficial for children when it comes to social networking with educational mentors. If a child needs math help, there are math tutors that will assist the school and parent with helping the child review math problems either via a live chat or a posted blog.

Art and Computers

For the young visual artist, the use of computers in school affect the traditional drawing canvas, therefore forcing the student to learn new ways to translate their drawing into digital tools. Software programs like Paint, Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator allow, children to explore drawing, painting and even 3D modeling in the digital computer world.

So as you see how computers affect children in school can be beneficial in many ways, and as a teacher you will discover how to appropriately incorporate computers in your classroom environment.