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How To Make Money Online as a Kid

by: Avionne Akanbi ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

Are you a young artist, gamer or computer savvy kid ? Are you always asking for an allowance? Why not learn how to make money online as a kid ?

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    How To Make Money Online as a Kid


    If you are a kid who is looking to use the internet to earn money for your piggy bank, look no further. Ask yourself first “What is your skill? Are you an artist who lives to illustrate people and animals, or create cool backgrounds? Or are you more the addicted gamer who spends hours playing games, and not earning a dime for your time? It's time to earn money for what you do best online and below are a few ways to begin.

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    Selling Comics

    Whether you collect old comics or you are a talented artist yourself, you can make money online selling comic books and art work. If you are willing to part with any of your old Marvel and DC collectables. There is high demand with these classic comics. If you happen to be a comic illustration artist, you can find your own audience. Just create a great comic story and book and you are off to the races. Once you have either your classic books or your own comics you can create a posting to sell them on Deviantart or place a custom ad on Craigslist.

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    Selling On Craigslist

    Not only can you sell comics on Craigslist, you can sell just about anything there. Do you have an old bike or game that you no longer play? Craigslist is like an online garage sale! You can simply collect groups of things like an old computer, Gameboy, DVD player and create an ad like the following to sell it. (Craigslist Ad) The great thing about Craigslist is that you can create ads primarily for free in more than a dozen categories. If you would like to check out Craigslist categories click here.

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    Playing Video Games and Blogging

    blog Do you spend more time playing video games than you do watching TV, or talking on the phone? You can earn money playing video games, if you are a dedicated gamer you can become a game tester online. Many gaming companies look for skilled gamers to complete their game development by testing the game with skilled gamers. After all, every new game needs to be put through the test before they hit the market. Check sites like Become a Game Tester.

    The other side to this is if you are a skilled gamer, you can sell your skills to other beginning gamers. How? By having them visit your website, or creating a blog. Don't worry it's not that hard to create a blog. Go to and sign up for an account and you will have a a blog set up in seconds. A blog is basically an online journal that you can use to earn money. After signing your blog, also sign up for an Bidvertiser account. These are little ads that you have on blog that are related to what you write about on the blog. When someone clicks on the ads, you earn money!

    What you want to have on your blog is all types of great gaming tips, maybe some cool art work if you are an artist and simply all types of things to keep people coming back to your blog.

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    Voiceover Work

    Are you good at doing voice impersonations? You could get work online as a voiceover person. There are dozens of websites that need voicework done for online commercial advertisements. A great place to look for this type of work is So as you can see, it's very possible to make money online as a kid. You just have to keep surfing until you've spotted the perfect online opportunity.