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Play these Free Online Puppy Games for Kids

by: Avionne Akanbi ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

Are you ready for some four legged fun with some free online puppy games? Put on the leash and prepare to have a doggone good time with these simple engaging online puppy games.

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    A Walk in the Park

    a walk in the park It's time to take the dog out. This online puppy game has the player going for a walk with the dog. The goal is to avoid falling into holes. The plus sign will make your dog's leash longer and the minus sign will shorten the leash. You will have the choice to pick up a fly cap for your puppy along the way, so you can fly. If you bark, this will allow you to interact with the surrounding environment around you. Don't forget to have your puppy pick up the crackers along the path, this will finish each game level. To play this game click on the following link.

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    I Lost My Puppy

    Can you find the right puppies in the park for these worried dog owners? I Lost My Puppy has the player presented to a dog owner, who needs help finding their puppy who has scurried off without them. There are so many dogs in the park and most of them look very much alike. The owner will give you a photo of the dog and it's up to you to go out scouting for the right pup. To play this game click the following link.

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    Puppy Fetch

    Running through the park is key to fetching a bone in this simple online game. The player must catch a bone after it's tossed in various locations, from a playground, to a funky forest, to a sandy beach. Try to avoid the frightened cat or bumping into sporadic potholes in between jumps. The timer may run out quickly, but with the right speed, your puppy will fetch the bone in no time. To play this game click the following link.

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    Pup World

    virtual-puppy Can your puppy get to the pet shop on time? This game will test how well your puppy's intelligence level is by completing simple tasks. Beware of distractions before you get to your destination, which will lower the puppy's intelligence. The player will set out with their puppy to go to the pet shop and collect stamps. Along the way there will be joggers who may try to run into your puppy or even musicians who may try to get the puppy's attention. Can he stay focused? To play this game click on the following link.

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    Dog Room Decoration

    Are you an interior designer? If so, why not start now with dog room decoration? This game will have you helping a dog store owner design her new dog cafe. Be creative. You will be in charge of everything from setting up the boxes the dogs will go in, to the tables, where the pups will be seated for their meals. Lots of fun ahead so get your blueprint ready. To play this game click on the following link.