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Fun War Games: War Isn't Always Gruesome

by: Avionne Akanbi ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

War doesn't always have to be a gruesome experience. Why not get some enjoyment from fighting for what's rightfully yours? These fun war games will show you how.

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    Defend your Keg - Fun War Games

    defend your keg 

    You have never had to fight so hard to protect your brew ! This game will have you turning every which way with the arrow keys to defend your keg of beer from your thirsty enemies. It's your keg to fill up and to keep safe. To play this game click on the following link.

    Image Credit: PlayHub

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    Wreckanoid - Fun War Games

    You have the choice to play in arcade survival mode or even create your own custom game with Wreckanoid. This simple game has you playing with a silver ball and paddle to ultimately destroy the hovering bricks above. Try your best to keep the ball from falling outside your box. A tip for pushing the ball higher, is to pull the mousedown and blast those bricks with the hardest blow. To play this game click on the following link.

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    Homerun in the land of Berserk


    What a Nerd this guy is ! This hilariously disturbing game will give you a chance to get these geeks out of your land and earn some cash along the way. The game begins with a geek complaining about just about everything, under the sun. He will challenge your skills, so give it your best shot ! Follow the meter to guide you and while your at it, pick up some new trendy clothes for this guy to gain extra points. To play this game click on the following link.

    Image Credit: 2Games

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    You will fight a lot of enemies as you leap and flip through this futuristic environment. You will play a Commando type of hero whose mission is to seek robots, aliens, and zombies by using your keyboard as a defense, fire to save your life or shall I say lives? You can view your invaders with the radar and the mouse before they attack. Try to also keep yourself hidden for a surprise attack as they get closer to you. To play this game click on the following link.

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    Agony the Portal

    agony It's time for the dead to come back to earth and reign supreme ! Make it happen with Agony in the Portal, when you play the “undead spirit” out to attack any gnome that stands in the way of you gathering artifacts or casting spells on any and all enemies. That spiked ball weapon, that you hold can really do some damage, so use it well by tapping the space bar. The arrow keys will navigate you through each level, and you can cast your ever popular spells with the numbers keys. Let them know whose back from the dead ! To play this game click on the following link.

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    The Breach

    This arcade 3D game is a combination of action and horror. You are running and jumping inbetween walls through an air vent. Your mission is to make sure you aren't contaminated with the mildew of the zombies. You may not be able to tell whether they are crew members or not, but it's better to be safe. Use your keys W, A, S and D to navigate and jump. The space bar to fire. To play this game click on the following link.

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    Larry Gnomergeddon

    You are Larry the swordsman in Medieval Europe and you are ticked ! Your mission is to survive about 20 days, while battling evil gnomes who want you out of their land. Be prepared to also collect gems and hop over barricades to complete your feat. There's even a tutorial to help you know what to do when Larry accidentally throws his sword. To play this game click on the following link.