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Childrens Computer Chair for Gaming

by: johnsinit ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

Childrens computer chairs for gaming are great additions to the family room. Not only are they fun and enhance the gaming experience, they also provide growing kids with support for their backs and necks. Some have built-in speakers and accessory platforms too!

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    A childrens computer chair for gaming will vastly improve your child’s video gaming experience, making it more exciting and more comfortable. These chairs range from simple to elaborate, and from inexpensive to pricey. Some are purely for comfort, while others have built in speakers and surfaces for attaching game controllers.

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    Gaming Computer Chairs Suited for Children

    These chairs are all far easier on a child’s back, neck, and legs than sitting on the floor, on the sofa, or on a kitchen chair. Many come in smaller sizes made just for the 8 to 12-year-old crowd. If you have more than one young gamer in your house, either buy them in multiples or be prepared to draw straws or use rock-paper-scissors to determine whose turn it is!

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    The Zerk Mini

    One of the simpler childrens computer chairs for gaming is the Zerk Mini. It is designed to be comfortable and to take whatever kids can dish out in terms of abuse. The Zerk Mini is designed to encourage good posture, and it has a machine washable cover atop a Teflon coated liner. It’s made from sculpted urethane foam. It requires no assembly and costs $179 on Zerk Mini 

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    Dozy Dotes Video Rocker

    Another simple model is the Dozy Dotes Video Rocker. You can get it with either faux leather or fabric covering in a range of colors. The frame is made of hardwood and plywood and holds up to 200 lbs. Suitable for kids as young as 2, the Dozy Dotes rocker is simple, convenient, and tough. You can get one for $130 at Video Rocker Fabric Chair 

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    The Corbeau Baja

    The Corbeau Baja works for most kids age 8 and up and has a steel frame with high density injection-molded foam. These come with a game base, and you can get an optional office chair base with adjustable height for use as a more traditional childrens computer chair. They cost $300-$325 at Corbeau Baja 

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    The Playseats Evolution

    The Playseats Evolution Gaming Chair is totally adjustable to fit kids from age 8 to adult size. The frame is made from steel tubing and the chair is compatible with Wii, Playstation, GameCube, or your PC, and you can install racing accessories right on the seat, such as a digital driving wheel, as well as gear shifter and foot pedal. This is one of the most popular childrens computer chairs for gaming, and you can buy one for $350 at Playseats Evolution 

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    The X Rocker II

    The X Rocker Gaming Chair II is the classic gaming chair. It’s compatible with Xbox, Playstation, Gameboy, Wii, or any DVD system and has built-in speakers with adjustable volume and bass. Not only that, it folds up and has easy-clean upholstery. The X Rocker is designed for ages 12 and up, though it fits some kids as young as 10. They cost $110 at X Rocker II 

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    If you have a child who loves gaming, a gaming chair will make it far more enjoyable, even if you forgo extras like built-in speakers and accessory platforms. Even the simplest childrens computer chairs for gaming offer back and leg support, and comfort, preventing sore necks, backs, and knees. Childrens computer chairs for gaming take the gaming experience to a new and better level.