Relay Games for Kids Online

Free Run

free run

It’s important to focus, especially when you are running a race against time in this series of relay games for kids. Free Run is a simple game where you will be running and hopping over mailboxes and buildings as you try to reach the end of the level. Remember the movie Speed where the bus kept going without stopping? You will have to do the same thing in this game, keep running without stopping. To play this game click on the following link.

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100 Meter

Try your best not to cheat now! You will be in the middle of a a 100 meter race with 4 other track runners and you have to be careful not to try to start early or you will be fouled out. This relay game simply needs you to tap on the spacebar to rapidly run to the end of each level. You will have to tap the crap out of your keyboard to win the game so prepare yourself. To play this game click on the following link.

Run Lil Broccoli


You have never seen a vegetable move so fast! This little broccoli is racing for his life and you are obligated to help him, whether you like vegetables or not ! You will have to help this broccoli run with the arrow keys to escape the evil chef who wants nothing but to chop him into delicious little florets. You can grab banana peels with the A button to make the chef slip in his haste to waste this poor little guy ! What a jerk! To play this game click the following link.

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Run Ronaldo Run

Have you ever tried to score a soccer goal during dinner time? Well Ronaldo certainly has. He is the only soccer player you will meet who will not let his love of the game get in the way of meal time. Use the arrow keys to guide Ronaldo down the soccer field to score a goal, while he grabs hamburgers and drinks for extra points and energy along the way. Make sure you don’t let that other player pass him while he tries to satisfy both his team and his tummy. To play this game click on the following link.

Micro Olympics

Have you been practicing your long jump and track racing for the big game? Well here’s your chance to prove your skills out there in the Micro Olympics. You will have to race other track runners by tapping vigorously on the space bar to win the race. Don’t get fouled out by trying to start the race too early. The next level will bring you to the long jump. Make sure you stretch before this, because it’s you will have to go a long way in this series of relay games for kids. To play this game click on the following link.