Farmville Duck Pond - Manage Your Farmville Ducks

Farmville Duck Pond - Manage Your Farmville Ducks
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Introduction To Farmville Duck Ponds

After you have been playing Farmville for some time you’ll find yourself with a whole lot of animals including sucks that are taking up your farm space. This space could be used for other things such as new crops, or a new building. Farmville has released chicken coups, dairy farms, a pigpen, and barns for baby animals. With their most recent release, you can now put all your ducks in new duck ponds to save space on your farm as well as have something pleasing to look at. Duck ponds can be bought in the game store for 5,000 coins for the first pond and 40 game cash for each new pond that you want. Most players will only need one pond but if you have lots of ducks and can afford the game cash you might want another one.

How To Build Your Duck Pond

Once you have bought your pond and found a place for it on your farm you’ll need to acquire the parts to complete it. Like many Farmville structures, you’ll need boards, nails, and bricks. You can buy these parts in the game store for game cash but it’s easier to have Facebook friends send you the parts. Click on the structure and send out Farmville requests for the parts you need. Ask for a special delivery gift item, which will guarantee you some part you need for any structures you need to build on your farm including your duck pond. As you get parts, go to your gifts section in your interface and click the parts to add them to your duck pond. You do this same procedure for most buildings you want to add to your farm.

Using Your Duck Pond

Farmville Duck Pond

You can do several things with your duck pond. The first thing is you can ask for ducks from your Facebook friends. This is ideal if you don’t own many ducks and will help you quickly fill up your pond. Click the green “ask for ducks” icon to send messages to your Facebook friends for ducks. In your pond, you have the ability to choose which ducks get displayed on your farm for visitors to see. If you want to highlight a specific duck just move it from the rocks into the water and it will display in the game. Click the duck in the water and the “feature” button to feature the duck and the “remove” button to remove it. You have room for up to twenty ducks with each duck pond you own. When your ducks are ready you can harvest them for coins like any other animal but the game will harvest them all saving you time. Duck ponds also give reward items but I haven’t received any yet so it’s difficult to say what the rewards are at this time.


Farmville duck ponds give you an easy way to manage your ducks. Be sure to get a chicken coup, dairy farm and the other animal structures to save space on your farm. You’ll also find that your game may run faster without all the animals taking up space on the farm and slowing things down.