What Was the Farmville Chicken Coop Sync Bug and How Was It Used to Get More Chicken Coops in Farmville

What Was the Farmville Chicken Coop Sync Bug and How Was It Used to Get More Chicken Coops in Farmville
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What is a Chicken Coop in Farmville?

Ever since Farmville became one of the most successful games for Facebook, people have been looking for how to maximise their

productivity in terms of coins per day. The item that is currently one of the most productive items in Farmville is the Chicken Coop. When the Chicken Coop has been fully upgraded to a Huge Chicken Coop with 100 Golden Chickens, it is regularly able to produce 6400 coins per day.

How Can I Send Chicken Coops to Other Players?

When you have a Chicken Coop you have a chance when harvesting to receive either a “Mystery Egg” or a bonus of equivilent value. This ranges from 10% for the basic Chicken Coop, to 30% at the Super Chicken Coop. When this Mystery Egg is sent to another player then they receive a gifted Chicken Coop. There are many different types of Mystery Eggs and each produce different types of chickens to use in the coop, one of the rarest is the Rainbow Mystery Egg.

Step by Step Guide to the Farmville Chicken Coop Sync Bug

The Chicken Coop Sync Bug was an exploit used to get more than a single Chicken Coop, which the developers designed that this would not be possible. This could be done using the following method:

  1. Have two tabs open on your internet browser, one tab with Farmville open and one tab with just your Facebook home page open.
  2. If you already own a Chicken Coop, then remove all of your chickens and sell the coop.
  3. The next stage is to go to the Farmville market, where you should see the Chicken Coop as unlocked, however do not purchase it yet and leave the tab open.
  4. Now move over to your second tab, and look in your newsfeed for any Mystery Eggs. When you have found one, open it up in a new tab but do not click okay.
  5. Next return to your Farmville market and buy your first Chicken Coop for $5000 coins and place it in your farm.
  6. Now click Play to return to your farm, you should see the Chicken Coop that has just been placed and another one in your giftbox.
  7. Finally, place the Chicken Coop from your giftbox onto your farm. You now have two chicken coops!

For those who were having problems, there were many good youtube videos to help teach people how the Farmville Chicken Coop Sync Bug was done.

Update to the Farmville Chicken Coop Sync Bug


For many months this bug worked perfectly and allowed people to make large amounts of Farmville coins, but now sadly the makers of Farmville have patched the game so that when this is attempted you will receive an “Out of sync” error and be left with only the one Chicken Coop.

It is due to to this “Out of Sync” error that the exploit was named the Farmville Chicken Coop Sync Bug, as the exploit worked in the first place by working with how the multiple internet tabs synchronized with each other and the Farmville servers.