Farmville Structures Guide: Construct buildings in Farmville

Farmville Structures Guide: Construct buildings in Farmville
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Farmville Chicken Coop

The chicken coop is popular Farmville structure. This building is used to hold all your chickens on your farm and collect cash from each chicken in one area. Chicken coops are also the source of mystery eggs in the game. These eggs can be hatched and turn into different chickens for your farm. You can also share these eggs with friends too. Sometimes the egg will produce another prize besides a chicken like another chicken coop or some other item.

Farmville Garage

Farmville Structures

The garage is where you store your farming equipment. By adding vehicle parts to your garage, you can upgrade your farming equipment to cover more titles on your game area. Players can buy parts or ask for them from Facebook friends playing the game. This structure can save space on your farm since it holds your equipment, which would otherwise occupy space you could use for crops or other items.

Duck Pond

The duck pond is a new structure that holds all your Farmville ducks. These ducks can be displayed on the pond and allow you to collect coins from the ducks in one click. Sometimes you will get prizes from the duck pond.

Nursery Barn

When your friends harvest from their stables or dairy farm they may get baby animals that can be gifted. The nursery barn will hold these baby animals. Each time you harvest from the structure one of your baby animals might grow into an adult you can keep and produce another baby you can share with friends.

Dairy Farm

The dairy farm is used to hold all your cows. This allows the player to collect from all cows at once. If a bull cow is present in the dairy farm there’s a chance of producing a baby calf. The player may also receive a bag of fertilizer from the dairy farm. By having more cows it increasing the chances of getting a reward from the structure.

Animal Trough

Fill the animal trough with animal feed you receive from Facebook friends and an animal will wander by. Adopt the animal and it’s your to keep. Be sure to do this quickly or the animal might leave. Different animals are added on a periodic basis for you to collect.

Horse Stable

Farmville Structures

The horse stable allows the player to hold all their horses in one area. If the stable has a stallion present, there is a chance of producing a foal from the stable. Stables are harvest buildings like the other animal structures.


The pigpen holds all your farm pigs and the player can make pig slop by using crop bushels. Slop can sometimes be harvested from the pig pen too. Pigs can then eat the slop and hunt fro truffles. If the pig finds a truffle, it is sent to one of your neighbors who can send one back to you. Truffles reward players with prizes such as new pigs. Having a pigpen is a good way to remove unwanted bushels that you aren’t using to make goods.


Some structures provide storage for items you no longer use. Barns and sheds come in a variety of colors and hold items you no longer use. Some special items you might keep for holidays are placed in storage. Sell items you no longer want for some coins back.

Crafting/Market Stall

Farmville Structures

The spa, bakery, and winery are buildings that produce goods for your farm. By harvesting crops, you will pick up bushels. Combinations of these bushels produce goods in these structures you can sell to Facebook friends. In return, you can get some coins. Players can buy these crafted items and in return get a reward such as more fuel for their farm equipment. The market stall is required to hold bushels used in crafting. Players can buy bushels from you that they need or you can place bushels on a wall post to give away.


In the marketplace, you’ll find many different homes and other structures that provide decorative flair to your farm. Estates, cabins, farmhouse, cottage, villa, French quarters, inn, and lodge are just some of the decorative structures for your farm available. During holidays and other special occasions, many special buildings are found too.

Special Structures

During holidays, many special structures appear in Farmville. These usually require the player to collect plenty of nails, boards, and bricks and expand the structure for different reward items. These special buildings only appear for a limited time so make use of them when they are around.


You’ll find new structures in the game on a constant basis and it can be tough to keep track of them all. Build your farm up slowly and make use of the buildings availalbe in the game for the rewards they offer you. Be sure to use the holiday structures too since they offer some nice rewards for a limited time.


All screenshots from Farmville.

Source:This work represents the author’s own experiences with the game Farmville on Facebook.