Facebook Games: Farmville English Countryside Review

Facebook Games: Farmville English Countryside Review
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English Countryside Game Basics

Farmville has been around for some time now and is one of the most popular Facebook games. Farmville English Countryside is the new expansion to the core game. This new expansion offers entirely new crops to master, new game items, sheep breeding, and more all done in under an English theme. The game also offers a new soundtrack and quests to complete. Players can begin the English Countryside once an airship arrives on their original farm and they complete a series of quests, which include getting friends to join them on a journey as well as planting a few cotton crops. Players can only have one farm active at once, which means no crops on the other farm will grow until the player goes back to that farm. This is a poor design decision and one that has turned off many dedicated Farmville players. You can select which farm you want from the menu at the top of your screen now.

Crops and Game Items (4 out of 5)

Farmville English Countryside

Farmville English Countryside offers a whole host of entirely new crops to grow on your farm. These include English roses, barley, red currants, black tea, field beans, English peas, and Radish among others. Naturally, the new game doesn’t have the crop selection of the original Farmville but more will be added as the game develops. English Countryside has a great number of new animals including ewes, Morgan horse, rams, English hens, English cow, crested duck, and pub cat. New buildings include the pub where you can construct items, a sheep pen, English barn, English farm, as well as original buildings from the core game such as a chicken coops, duck pond, and pigpen. Other items include English rose arch, country hedge, and other items from the core game. These items are just a start and more content should be on the way shortly since Zynga is always updating.

Sheep Pens (5 out of 5)

English Countryside gives the player the ability to breed and grow various sheep. To start you’ll need the parts and a sheep pen. Once the pen is constructed players use “love potions” to breed the ram and ewe. Players can get these potions from Facebook friends. With more potions, the breeding process will take less time and once you have your lamb you can give it a name. To mature lams into sheep you’ll need to feed them “baby bottles” which can be obtained from Facebook friends. A genealogy tree is coming to the sheep pen as well as special prizes for being a master sheep breeder.

Graphics and Sound (4 out of 5)

English Countryside looks the same as the original game but offers a new soundtrack. A few updated graphics include the crop bushel notification, which is better. The outskirts of your farm have a hill look to them and everything is quite colorful. Overall, it looks slightly better than the original Farmville and the new soundtrack is a welcome change. You’ll find new English theme clothes for your avatar in the game too.

Multiplayer (4 out of 5)

Farmville English Countryside

English Countryside still involves the need for plenty of Facebook friends. To get to the new farm requires that you invite thirty-five people to get there right away. You can still do this with few friends but it will take a couple of days. To build most of the items requires parts and you’ll need to send out constant messages to receive the parts you need. There’s a new map where you can see the progress of your friends, you can use the map to send help messages for items you need in the game. The map is a nice addition to the game. So for example, if you’re building the pub and need parts just click on the people near the pub and get the parts you need from them.

Overall Game Play and Conclusion (4 out of 5)

English Countryside is still Farmville but the new crops, sheep pen, and other items give players something new to work with. This is great for players who have their original farms maxed out and are looking for some new game play. The new crops are great and the sheep are a nice addition. The game will need plenty of updates to keep players interested and the pause on the old farm needs to be lifted since many people will want to play both farms not just one at a time. The English Countryside is worth visiting just don’t expect anything vastly different from Farmville.


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Source: Article is author’s own experiences playing English Countryside on Facebook.