The Market in Farmville for Beginners

The Market in Farmville for Beginners
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A farmin' good time

In the short time since Farmville has been on Facebook, it has gained a player-base of millions from all over the world. It is a very simple game concept: you build and design your farm. Some people have been instantly hooked on Farmville, while others have snubbed their nose at the idea of it, only to find themselves amongst its many players after just a little time navigating their way through the game and discovering how truly fun it can be! And Farmville is not just a game for younger players: a huge portion of people who play it are adults. Real-world simualtion games have no age limit, and the farms sprouting up all over the place are proof of this.

This beginners guide to the Market in Farmville will help you to understand how the Market works, what you buy as a new farmer, and how many coins and experience your crops and animals will earn you.

The Market

As you will notice upon looking through the many things you can purchase at the Market, most of them are locked and you won’t have access to them until you reach the necessary level for each one. When you start off in the game you will have a small amount of coins available to use for purchase of crops. Because of this, the game is pretty slow-moving at first, but within a few days of playing you will start to be able to buy more.

Fruit and Vegetables

You can buy fruit and vegetables that fall under the range of player level one through three:

Fruit and veg at the Market

1. Strawberries:

  • Buy for: 10 coins
  • Harvest in: 4 hours
  • Sell for: 35 coins
  • Experience earned: 1

2. Egglplant:

  • Buy for: 25 coins
  • Harvest in: 2 days
  • Sell for: 88 coins
  • Experience earned: 2

3. Wheat:

  • Buy for: 35 coins
  • Harvest in: 3 days
  • Sell for: 115 coins
  • Experience earned: 2

4. Soybeans

  • Buy for: 15 coins
  • Harvest in: 1 day
  • Sell for: 63 coins
  • Experience earned: 2


Cherrry tree

The trees you plant can yield you fruit, or maple syrup. The fruit never rots, and they can earn you additional coins. As a beginner you can purchase level one trees only.

1. Cherry tree:

  • Buy for: 225 coins
  • Harvest in: 2 days
  • Sell for: 18 coins

2. Apple tree:

  • Buy for: 325
  • Harvest in: 3 days
  • Sell for: 28 coins

3. Orange tree:

  • Buy for: 425 coins
  • Harvest in: 4 days
  • Sell for: 40 coins

Animals, Building, Decorations and more



1. Cow:

  • Buy for: 300 coins
  • Harvest in:1 day
  • Sell for: 6 coins


1. Chicken Coop

  • Buy for: 5000 coins
  • Harvest in:1 day
  • Sell for: 250 coins
  • Experience earned: 50 (for building it)

2. Red Barn:

  • Buy for: 40,000 coins
  • Sell for: 2000 coins
  • Experience earned: 400 (for building it)
  • Capacity: holds 6 items


1. Whitewash fence:

  • Buy for: 300 coins
  • Sell for: 15 coins
  • Experience earned:5

2. Orange and Violet fence:

  • Buy for: 600 coins
  • Sell for: 30 coins
  • Experience earned: 6

3. Hay Bales:

  • Buy for: 125 coins
  • Sell for: 6 coins
  • Experience earned: 5


Pay attention to how long they take to grow, and when you will be able to visit your farm again to maximize the amount of coins you can earn yourself.

Keep plowing, planting and harvesting your crops and you will become a master farmer in no time!