Farmville Puppy - Dogs come to Facebook Farmville

Farmville Puppy - Dogs come to Facebook Farmville
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The Farmville Puppy

New to the popular Zynga farming game is the Farmville puppy. In the marketplace you can use 300,000 game coins to buy the border collie puppy. If you have game cash the golden retriever, terrier, and sheep dog,are available too. There are a few color options for your puppy and you can also name it. The 300,000 option collie dog is only available in red to get another color you must pay farm cash. You must feed your puppy everyday with kibble which you can buy in the game store. Your Facebook friends can also send you kibble as a gift so you can feed your Farmville puppy. Make sure you have a constant supply of kibble for your puppy because once every twenty four hours you must feed it. Puppies will eventually grow into adult dogs. If you fail to feed your dog it will run away but you can get it back by paying game cash to have it returned to you. The game will take you to the store where you can pay the two game cash fine and “rescue your dog.”

Puppies To Dogs

Farmville Puppy

If you take good care of your Farmville Puppy it will grow into an adult dog. Once your puppy reaches this stage the dog will perform tricks. By feeding your dog treats each day it will be able to perform tricks but if you miss a day you will need to start over. By clicking the dog you will get a menu that shows the tricks your new dog can learn. As your dog gets better with tricks more will unlock for your dog. To teach the dog simply give them a treat from the menu so the dog can start learning but just remember you will have to start over if the dog misses one day of training. You can buy treats in the marketplace or have your friends send them to you as gifts. Treats purchased in the game store cost game cash and not coins. Each trick will cost a certain number of dog treats. There are a total of four tricks currently in the game with roll over being the first one that your dog can learn. The final trick your dog can learn is specific to its breed.

Other Amimals besides the Farmville Puppy

Just remember that Farmville has many other animals you can add to your farm such as chickens, horses, ducks, cows, Most of the other animals are harvestable so they will produce coins for your farm. Farmville will send you some animals as you level up and your Facebook friends can send them to you too. Get a chicken coop or a dairy farm if you have lots of cows and chickens.

Conclusion - Farmville Puppy

Farmville continues to add great content to this every growing game and the Farmville puppy is just one more example of that. Hopefully we will see other pets such as cats or birds in the near future to help our farms feel more like home.