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Chickenopalypse Facebook Farmville
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Chickenopalypse - Facebook Farmville

Search “chickenopalypse” on google, and what do you get? Nothing. Straight and simple as that. Every page, every link, every website you go to by clicking any of the links that come up upon searching this term simply takes you to a series of ads regarding facebook and a remarkable amount of things that are looking to take your money. This is no exagerration; every single link on the first page takes you to one of many different websites, none of which have anything to do with Facebook or Farmville, much less chickenopalypse. Go beyond the first page, and you’ll see that countless pages after that lead to the same sort of thing.

Looking beyond Google…

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While the world’s most popular search engine is a versatile one, it doesn’t always provide 100% of the results that you want. Head on over to other search engines, some that aren’t even really search engines, and searching yields the same results as on Google, and brings you to the same conclusion; chickenopalypse, one way or another, was created as nothing more than an advertising property in order to bring in more hits and make more money from John and Jane Doe’s respective websites.

Searching the term on brings you even worse results than Google, unsurprisingly, providing you links to websites that deal with vampires and mobile phones, but still no definite answer on what this “chickenopalypse” business is. If you go around and try other websites, you won’t have much more luck. Here are a few examples:

- Trying Yahoo! Answers gives no results back at all

- gives you the exact same results as (literally, to the T)

- Like Yahoo! Answers, also has no tags called “chickenopalypse”

- Even brings you relatively similar results about vampires and advertisements

What’s the point?

If chickenopalypse was really just made up to be an advertising keyword, how did it gain such popularity, and why do people use it simply to rack up views?

Well, like anything, the internet is used first and foremost as a money making tool, and whatever people can use to attract people to their site is what is going to be used. In this case “Chickenopalypse” is a ridiculously over-known term, but since people do know it, advertisers will use it to sell everything from vampire paraphernalia to MP3 players, regardless of how similar their products are to the search term.

The Origin of Chickenopalyse - Facebook Farmville

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No one really knows what Chickenopalypse is, and to be totally honest, there’s really no way of knowing where it came from. I’ve tried countless different search engines, I’ve tried looking through the internet archives to find when it first became a word; nothing brings me any closer to discovering where this odd term may have come from. Chances are that it was some word that someone used to describe something that happens in the game, and has since simply become shrouded in the smokey advertisements around it, but again, it’s all guesswork at this point.

If any of you guys have any idea what the word actually means, please, let me know in the comments, but until then, we will all just have to sleep soundly without knowing where this remarkably mysterious word came from.