FFCC: My Life as a Darklord – A Darklord’s Guide to Conquering the World! Part 3

Chapter 5 – The End?

Chapter 5 will introduce the last new enemy unit very early on. Wizards are, naturally, magic type units. They attack pretty quickly, and won’t stay on floors long, and will only attack your monsters. The downside (and this is a major downside) is that they will put your monsters to sleep. This can result in the Wizard climbing several floors without your monsters being able to attack at all! This is where I made use of the Void Fountain. By placing two Ochus on a Void Fountain floor, you can just about guarantee a Wizard knock out using just that floor. Just make sure your Ochus have enough time to prepare for an attack.

Now you’ll have all sorts of adventurer classes to contend with, and, with the exception of the Trainee class, the game will throw all of them at you.

Your rewards will be slim until the end, consisting of one more NP boosing item, and one more Celestial Shard.

The boss of this non DLC chapter will be a doozy. As a generic unit, you won’t have any advantage over him. He too has a moogle to help him get back some health, and all of his attacks will inflict Sap on your monsters. Spheres work to remove Sap and keep monsters healed, but if you have access to it, use a Void Fountain floor to keep your units doing as much damage as they can.

As this is the last chapter in the pre-DLC game, you’ll be treated to some more story and the ending credits. For defeating the boss of Chapter 5, you’ll also receive the Chic Bikini, an alternate outfit for Mira that lets her cast a ranged type spell once per stage.

The next time you load your file, an optional stage will open up, leading to a second optional stage which will give you your last Celestial Shard.

Chapter 6 – Be Prepared

If you want a real challenge, then this is a package for you. Chapter 6 is the longest in the game, featuring a lengthy path to the boss’ stage, and over half a


dozen optional stages. You’ll get no rewards here, save for some additional plot and the Karma needed to further boost your army.

This chapter will start out slow and simple, throwing Trainees, Gladiators, Bandits, and Black Mages at you once more. The difficulty will quickly increase, challenging you with stages featuring upwards of twenty enemy units of increasing strength. The optional stages are even tougher, featuring specific themes, such as a stage full of nothing but melee heroes.

Throughout Chapters 4 and 5, I used three floors of Dark Dressers with a Death Knight on each one, followed by higher floors dependant on the situation. With the strength and numbers of the enemy increasing in Chapter 6, that strategy quickly fell apart. Likewise, you strategies are going to have to change.

If you have downloaded some additional things to help you out, I recommend Slow Clock, Void Fountain, and Kain as staples of your tower. The choice between Ochu and Abaddon for ranged power is dependant on whether you’re up against faster or slower magic units. For your own magic units, you may be relying on Minion if you haven’t downloaded Tentacle. Bombs, at this point, can be killed in a single hit by some melee units. Healers are invaluable, but remember that they often have less HP than your other units.

The final stage of this optional chapter will really test you. Not only do you have to contend with a twenty four adventurers, but you’ll also have to keep your tower in good shape to take on a level thirty-eight hero immediately afterward. I should mention that the last cluster of adventurers you’ll face before the boss is a trio of Wizards. Do everything in your power to stop these sleep inducing menaces as quickly as possible, or you’ll be left to try remove them while the boss quickly climbs ahead of them to foil the traps you’ve set for the Wizards.

Your enemy will again be a generic type hero, meaning you’ve got nothing that will deal extra damage to her. She attacks quickly, and will attack both artifacts and monsters. She can deal quite a bit of damage, and can usually get off two attacks per floor. This can mean that you’ll lose some floors while she climbs to the top of your tower. If you have the time and the NP to set them up, a few floors of Slow Clocks with Behemoths on them make for some good damage. Alternately, you can use a couple floors full of Ochus to really put a dent in her HP.

If you can manage to beat this final boss, then congratulations. Your reward is the conclusion to the short plot of Chapter 6, and two optional stages opening up upon the next loading of the game file.

There is still some DLC yet for me to try, and some yet to be released. While the content can get rather pricey, I say it makes for a good addition to a game that might otherwise be nigh impossible and a little on the short side. One can only hope Square Enix releases more chapters in the future, as there seems to be more to tell of Mira’s quest.