Gamers PS3 Review Buzz Quiz TV

Gamers PS3 Review Buzz Quiz TV
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The best parts (4 out of 5)

Buzz! Quiz TV is an even better trivia experience than the European versions I have played, with improved game play that’s both fun and challenging and nice variety in all aspects of design that make it one of the best trivia genre titles on the market.

The new wireless controllers act as precision control buzzers that are responsive and you won'’t be tripping over the wires all the time. You will require batteries for each controller, but considering the benefits it’s worthy it. Add to this the fact that the game still supports the old PS2 controllers.

The variety of trivia categories has been increased and now you can even create your own custom trivia questions in the MyBuzz mode to stump your friends or frustrate the trivia genius around your home.

Parts that need improvement (4 out of 5)

The on line play is one of the best parts, but it only supports one person per PS3 console, which is unfortunately and entertainment killing.

Let’s ramp up the number of questions per round, with only 8, the experience is over too early, and its hard to have an battle between opponents that goes back and forth.

Authors creating their own content in the MyBuzz mode shouldn’t be allowed to rate their own quizzes, only people using them should have this right.

The graphical story (4 out of 5)

The visual presentation of Buzz! Quiz TV is pretty good, bright clean screens, engaging fun with enough detail to almost look a TV production, and easy on the eyes.

The frame rate is steady, even with eight character animations on screen, I saw no visual deformities to speak of accept the edge of a few of the screens was a little rough in places.

The character animations are funny, engaging and provide variety in the look and feel of the characters you can use in the game.

The sounds in the game (4 out of 5)

The sound effects mainly deal with the funny, often hilarious sounds and comments the animated characters will make while playing the game. The main character Buzz, who has the funniest lines, is much more charming in the PS3 version than I remember from the European titles, a typical smooth talker who keeps the entertainment ramped up.

The up beat and fun music score does loop as a lot of games do, but it still manages to entertain despite the repetition, which says a lot for the compositions.

Playability (4 out of 5)

Developed to be a party game Buzz! Quiz TV has a beautifully designed control scheme that makes the game play easy, engaging, and fun while competing against new or old friends in an outstanding variety of categories, or create your own custom questions.

Buzz! Quiz TV comes with three modes; solo mode against the clock only, multiplayer mode which rocks against up to 8 people, and on line against people from around the world by yourself, only one person per console please.

The available questions that are included are in five channels; The Music Channel, The Knowledge Channel, The Sports Channel, and the TV Channel, you can choose a category or choose the channel hopper feature and take your chances.

Although the questions do get harder as you progress through the rounds of the game and it becomes harder to win, there’s only one difficulty level included.

You can also buy question packs on line for a modest 3.5 pounds for 500 packs, which seems reasonable, even with exchange.

The bottom line (4 out of 5)

A perenntial Jeopardy guru, with trivia scalps galore, this game was a day at the beach for me, so, depending on your trivia skill and knowledge, Buzz! Quiz TV might be a Sunday stroll or time well spent learning a few new things. If you were fortunate enough to have had a previous enjoyable experience with the franchise, either from last years PS2 offering or one of the European titles, then the PS3 version of Buzz! Quiz TV will be the fun, enjoyable, and entertaining question period you were hoping for. New trivia fans playing Buzz! for the first time will find the game to be the fun trivia experience they had heard of and will probably be surprised by the level of entertainment it can provide.