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Boss Guide: Luigi's Mansion

by: Star189 ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

In Luigi's Mansion, it's Luigi's turn to save the day when his brother goes missing. Luigi follows a mysterious letter to find himself at a mansion he's supposedly won. There's only one catch - it's overrun with ghosts! Learn how to defeat the bosses of the game to free Mario and save the day.

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    Chauncey, the Spoiled Baby

    Your first boss fight takes place in the Nursery, and is a spoiled baby that constantly cries. The fight starts out in the nursery itself before you are sucked into baby Chauncey's crib where he becomes giant and begins to pelt you with his toys. When you first enter the room, use your vacuum, the Poltergust 3000, to cause the rocking horse to start rocking. Chauncey will appear and begin to throw things at you. Avoid these and use the vacuum to suck up a large ball and throw it back at him. At you hit him, he'll pull you into his crib and grow to be a giant. He will then throw rocking horses and balls at you. Dodge the rocking horses and the balls. The easiest way is to keep running around so you can turn easily when one comes flying your way. After the balls bounce by, one will be left sitting in the crib. Suck it up and throw it at Chauncey. He will be stunned and you can use this opportunity to try and suck him into the vacuum. Keep pulling on him until he breaks free of your suction. Chauncey will then bounce around the crib. You can avoid him like you did the horses and balls. He'll then start the attacks over again, and you can hit him with another ball. Repeat this until you finally suck him into the vacuum. It may take a few tries since he is so large.

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    Luigi's MansionChauncey, the Spoiled BabyBogmire, the Cemetery ShadowBoolossus, the Jumbo GhostKing Boo
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    Bogmire, the Cemetery Shadow

    When you come to the graveyard, you'll have to battle three skeletons before you can get to the boss fight. Suck them up just like you do the regular ghosts in the game. A tombstone will start glowing, and this is where Bogmire is hiding. Go to the tombstone for the pink menace himself to appear. During this battle, Bogmire uses black shadows of himself to attack you. The trick here is to suck one of the shadows into the vacuum until it turns into a black ball. Throw it at Bogmire, much like you did in the battle with Chauncey. When other shadows start to chase you, let go of the one you're trying to catch and dodge them, or suck them up instead. After you've hit Bogmire, you can suck away at him. Once he breaks free, suck up another shadow ball to hit him with and repeat this procedure until you have him defeated. Make sure when you're throwing the balls that you're aiming for the pink Bogmire, not his imitation black shadows.

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    Boolossus, the Jumbo Ghost

    The Boolossus starts out as fifteen Boos standing in a circle on the Balcony. After you go up to the Boos and push A, you'll be taken into the boss fight. The Boos will all merge into a giant Boo. This fight is longer, but once you master the pattern, it'll be easier to beat. First, you'll need to suck the giant Boo with your vacuum cleaner and lead him over to one of two ice unicorn statues on the balcony. He'll be trying to squish you, so keep running away from him and try to suck him after you towards the statues. Once he bounces into the statue, he'll explode into the fifteen tiny Boos again. Once this happens, you'll need to suck ice elements out of one of the unicorn statues. Shoot the ice at the tiny ghosts to freeze them, then suck them into the vacuum. Keep doing this until they form into a giant Boo again. He won't be quite as big this time. Lead him into the statue again so he pops. Repeat the freezing procedure to suck up more tiny Boos. You will keep repeating this for the rest of the fight. This fight takes some time to beat, and the tiny Boos get faster the more of them you suck up, but on the plus side the giant Boo will get smaller when he reforms. If you have a hard time freezing the Boos, suck them closer to you and then spray them with ice. Always stand close the one of the unicorn statues so you can get ice easily.

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    King Boo

    The final, and hardest, boss of the game is none other than King Boo himself. King Boo starts out inside a Bowser costume. If you are close by he'll either breath fire on you or try to inhale you. You'll have to dodge these attacks. If you run far away, he'll either try to jump on top of you or throw spike balls. Run away from him until he throws the spiked balls, and suck one up in your vacuum. Run towards Bowser, and when he opens his mouth throw the ball in. This can be tricky and may take a few tries. Once you finally hit him, his head will pop off and King Boo will come out. You can then begin sucking King Boo into the vacuum. You'll have to run around and dodge ice attacks coming from Bowser's head as you do this. Once King Boo flies back in, the head will reattach itself and you can wait for another spike ball to throw it in and start sucking him up again. After his health drops below 200, the head will reattach itself the wrong way and he'll run around the arena. Run away from him until his head turns around the right way and he resumes his usual attacks. You can keep following your pattern of throwing the spike balls into his mouth to knock King Boo out. Eventually you'll suck him into the vacuum and the fake Bowser will fall to the ground, both of them defeated. After this, you've won the game!

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