Nonviolent Video Games for Your Teen

Nonviolent Video Games for Your Teen
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The Importance of Non-Violent Games

In this day and age, it seems like more and more video games are just becoming uselessly violent to the point where it really isn’t even that tasteful anymore. The realistic, grungy setting that all games seem to use now has gotten old, and that’s leaving players clamoring for something more original, instead of the same old run-and-gun style they’re used to. If you’re a parent, this is even better considering that the less violence kids are exposed to, the better. That being said, here are the five best nonviolent games for teens that you can give them without making them feel like they’re missing out on something better.

Rock Band 3

As far as kid friendly games go, Rock Band essentially comes out on top, especially considering how great the multiplayer experience

of it is. The game is what is called a “rhythm” game, where you hit buttons in time with the music that plays in order to complete a song. The list of songs included are all incredibly well known, from artists like Paramore and Linkin Park to the classic bands like Guns and Roses to Weezer, so no matter what your music tastes are, you’re bound to have fun with Rock Band 3.

Super Mario Galaxy


The Mario franchise has long been known to be the staple of great video game design, and when Nintendo released Super Mario Galaxy in 2007, it was no exception. The game has you playing as fabled Italian plumber Mario as he travels through obstacle courses and defeats enemies to save the lovely Princess Peach, and it’s about as colorful and childish as a game can get. Yet even still, people ages 5 to 50 (some even older!) are in love with Mario’s platform jumping goodness, and anyone who says otherwise hasn’t played it yet.

Boom Blox: Bash Party

If I told you that Steven Spielberg created a video game, you’d probably be hard pressed to believe me. Even if you did, if I then told

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you that his game was about cartoon blocks being knocked over by people throwing balls at them, you’d probably call me insane. Nevertheless, Mr. Spielberg took it upon himself to create the “Boom Blox” series of games, which are some very fun, very low key puzzle games about throwing balls into stacks of blocks using the Wii remote’s motion sensing capabilities. It’s a ton of fun for hours on end, especially if you’re one of those people who’s into knocking over giant towers just because you can.

Epic Mickey


If there is one company that does “nonviolent” better than anyone, it’s Disney, and taking their fabled franchise of Mickey Mouse and injecting him with new life was the idea of adventure game “Epic Mickey”. Being one of the best nonviolent games for kids, Epic Mickey takes players on a journey through a very visceral and atmospheric land to help restore piece as the famous mouse himself. Using the Wii remote’s pointer abilities, you can spray things with paint or spray them with paint thinner: Whether you create or destroy is completely in your hands!

Super Mario Galaxy 2

What better way to end a great list than with the sequel to our number 4 pick? Super Mario Galaxy 2 takes the concepts and ideas of


the first game and makes them all much better, while adding a new twist on things with 240 new starts to collect. It’s a very long game, but you’ll never find yourself bored because it’s filled with so much variety. Some missions have you swimming, some have you flying, and some have you jumping. This mix of styles ensures that no matter how much you play, you’ll never get bored.


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