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Free Preschool Computer Games
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Free Preschool Computer Games - My Little Pony Play Pack

Let’s begin by looking at two of the most popular free preschool computer games. Young preschoolers who love to play freely will love My Little Pony Play Pack. The game is instantly attractive with the pink color scheme and appeal of the main characters. The game series begins with preschoolers having to prepare the ponies with a to do list of things, before the big Friendship Ball. The preparation includes, TwinkleTwirl will need help with the choreography of her dance, cakes need baking and decor, dressing up all the ponies and of course sending invites ! Along the pathway to the the cottage where the ball will take place, the main character pony, will gather flowers for her vase, visit her cottage and redecorate, and along with other activities. This reinforces the fun activities through graphics, that needed to be done for preschooler. The activities are also followed up with printable projects to do off the computer.

Most of the activities are very basic and simple for the youngster. The dance that needs choreography for TwinkleTwirl, for instance will involve nothing more than a leg kick, primadonna, and raising the hoof moves. The child will feel a great sense of appreciation once the moves are completed. The pony “makeover” that is held at the Celebration Salon, entails having the preschooler select hairstyles, hats, clothes and necklaces for each pony. Wow how pretty these ponies will look afterwards !

Now it’s time for the children to bake a delicious cake. They are required to choose the ingredients carefully and place them in the mixing bowl. Eggs, milk and other imaginative ingredients can be addede to the mix, like magic sparkles, rainbow berries and even chocolate chips. The ponies at a certain point in the game need the children to assist them with finding things like, wrapping paper for a present, and specific color socks to go with their shoes. This is where the game is also a hidden objects game, where the objects are hidden in easy to find places. Most of the items that actually stumped children, were at the bottom of the screen. Once the players have finished their activities on the to do list, they can go back to Ponyville and help other ponies with similar chores.

Once players have completed the activities on their checklist and enjoyed the Friendship Ball, they can go back to Ponyville and help more ponies and/or replay the main activities. If they want to begin the game again, they will need to create a new identity and game. You can take a peek at this popular preschool computer game at this link. It’s a great confidence booster !

Go Diego Go !

dora computer game

Another preschool game is based the popular preschool show, Dora the Explorer, is Go Diego Go! This is an engaging computer game for preschoolers, which takes children on an animal rescue mission. Preschoolers are given the play with three difficulty levels. Dora, Diego and the preschooler must find a lost baby wolf. The kids are indulged in finding their way through a maze of mini games in order to get to the baby wolf. While on their mission, they will find other baby animals for other mothers, they will click on animated logs for Diego and Dora to hop over, and follow puppy prints to complete a jigsaw puzzle. In other words, they definitely won’t be bored with this quest.

There is some spanish spoken in the game, which matches the television show. Children are introduced to clicking and dragging skills with the mouse, reinforce the differences between left and right. If you would like to take a peek at this preschool game please click the following link. Enjoy !

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