Play These Fun Free Online Games for MIddle School Age Children

Baseball Geometry – Online Games for Children


This exciting game begins with a review of geometry terms for children. They will be asked these questions to learn what they need prior to playing the game. It also serves as a great overall geometry review. The review will consist of going over the angles, Obtuse, Right and Vertex angles. A baseball comes out and asks to review facts like the following, "Vertex is where two lines join to form an angle or Right Angles are 90 degrees in measurement. Get it? Once the review is completed then the student can click and play to begin. The great thing about this game is the narrator is very positive and upbeat when the player gets the answer wrong the first three times ! That's a pretty patient narrator ! This encourages the player to think and slow down a bit before answering. To play this game and to view other cool sports online animation, click on the following link.

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Space Racer X

This game has the student attempting to launch a rocket into outer space. The strategy is the player needs to answer a series of multiplication problems quickly in order to keep the rocket flying. If the player isn't quick enough, an asteroid will attack. To play this game, click on the following link.

Guide the Gecko

If you are attempting to get your middle school student to learn fractions by using a real life situation, this simple game will get them started. The objective is to fill a missing gap with several fractions which are equivalent to each other, so that the Gecko can walk across. You will get five tries before the game resets. To play this game, click on the following link.

Math at the Mall

middle school graphic 2

Word problems is another way to work with hands on, real world situations and simultaneously solve math problems. Math at the mall incorporates word problems that ask the player geometry questions, which they will need in order to get through a transaction. If the player answers incorrectly, they are given one more chance to solve the problem by thinking slowly and logically. Math at the Mall will have the student look at money management and trips to the mall in an entirely different light. If you would like to play this game click the following link.

Math Olympics

If you are a teacher preparing a student for a test covering everything from fractions, multiplication, word problems and a bit of percentages, math olympics is a great way to review. The player must answer 20 questions correctly to continue jumping the track and ultimately winning the Olympics. If you would like to play this game click the following link.

Space Boy to the Rescue

Graphs are a huge part of a middle school student's math education. Space boy to the Rescue asks players to rescue the space boy, by placing him on the pre determined coordinates in less than 80 seconds. Are you up for the challenge? To play this game, click on the following link.