Nintendo DS: Harvest Moon Island of Happiness Game Guide With Rucksack and Getting Started Guide

Nintendo DS: Harvest Moon Island of Happiness Game Guide With Rucksack and Getting Started Guide
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Like most Harvest Moon games, Harvest Moon: Island of Happiness for the the Nintendo DS has the annoying habit of not telling players what there are supposed to do! Well, that’s what this guide is for. Read on to find out everything you need to do to make the most of your game.

Getting Started

In Harvest Moon: Island of Happiness everything is controlled by the touch screen (except for your tools which can be controlled by the d-pad or the A, B, X and Y buttons). You get to choose if you want to play as a boy or a girl and you get to name your character and your ranch. You start the game with the following: a hoe, a watering can, an axe, a hammer, a scythe and 2 bags of radish seeds.

Your ranch has a small house, a field, a stable and a woodshed. All your planting has to be done on your field and you cannot buy any more land - Although, you can unlock a rice paddy on your land later in the game.

Your character has a stamina bar which goes down as you work and a hunger bar which also goes down as you work. In order to keep them both up you must eat food or the colored grasses that litter the ground.


At first you will have to keep everything in your rucksack. You can buy a large rucksack from Chen’s shop for 3000 gold and you should buy it as soon as possible. It has 30 item spots, many of which you can double up with up to 99 of the same item. The only exceptions are fish and jewels from the mine. Later in the game you can buy a tool box, refrigerator and beauty box from Chen’s shop that will allow you to store items in someplace besides your rucksack.


There are four seasons in Island of Happiness: Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. Each season grows only certain crops (Winter grows no crops). Summer and Winter both have storms that make your character unable to leave your house for one day and effect your field. If you still have plants in your field when the season changes they will automatically die. Chen will only have seeds in his shop that correspond to that season.


Everything from crops to milk to flowers has a quality stamp in Island of Happiness. The rating system goes from highest to lowest:

S, A, B, C, D

You can control the quality of items to a certain extent. For example, the more your animals love you the higher quality their milk, eggs and wool will be. Crops quality can only be controlled inside a green house.

Item Quality


Taro - old man who runs shipping shop. Will tell you the weather for the following day when you speak to him.

Elliot - Taro’s grandson. Bachelor.

Natalie - Taro’s granddaughter. Bachelorette.

Felicia - Taro’s daughter.

Chen - runs item shop.

Charlie - Chen’s son.

Denny - Fishermen. Moves in after you catch 50 items with your fishing pole. Bachelor. Will leave if you do not talk to him or ship a fish for 30 days.

Vaughn - Livestock dealer. Moves in on Spring 16. Bachelor. Only on the island on Wednesday and Thursday.

Mirabelle - Animal shop owner. Moves to island Spring 12.

Julia - Mirabelle’s daughter. Bachelorette.

Gannon - Runs carpentry shop. He will upgrade your ranch and build bridges to other parts of the island when you pay him to do it. Moves in Spring 11.

Eliza - Gannon’s daughter.

Regis - Mining company owner. Moves in when you ship 20 items from the mine. Must have Gannon build the bridge to the forest.

Sabrina - Regis' daughter. Bachelorette.

Villagers Continued

Nathan - Priest. Moves in when you throw an item in the Goddess' spring in the woods. Will leave if you do not talk to him or offer the Goddess any offerings for 30 days.

Alisa - Nun who lives with Nathan. Moves in at the same time as Nathan. Will leave if you do not talk to her or offer the Goddess any offerings for 30 days.

Witch Princess - Lives in the woods. Gannon must build the bridge to the forest for you to meet her. Bachelorette.

Wada - Tribal man who lives in the jungle. Gannon must build the bridge to the jungle for you to meet him.

Shea - Tribal man who lives with Wada. Bachelor.

Lanna - Pop singer. Moves to the island when East Town is unlocked and you’ve caught 70 or more items while fishing. Bachelorette.

Pierre - World famous chef. Moves in when you upgrade your house to medium, have at least 20 sub villagers move in and learn at least 5 recipes from the Diner and Cafe.

Mark - the male counterpart. Only arrives if you are playing as a girl and have unlocked the whole island. Bachelor.

Chelsea - female counterpart. Only arrives if you are playing as a boy and have unlocked the whole island. Bachelorette.

There are several sub villagers and some Mineral Town characters that can be unlocked as you make the island grow. To make any character stay on the island you must talk to them frequently. Some leave in the Winter automatically.

Friendship and Marriage

Everyone on the island will have a colored heart next to their picture. The eligible bachelors and bachelorettes will have a red heart while all the other villagers will have green hearts.

In order to maintain friendships and court the eligible bachelors and bachelorettes you must talk to them daily and give them presents that they like or love. In order to make sure they do like your presents always save before you give anyone anything. Also, they will be very happy if you give them something on their birthday (which you can find out by looking at the calendar or at their profile in the game).

Also, in order to marry you must have seen up to the yellow heart event with that bachelor or bachelorette, Nathan and Alisa must live on the island, you must purchase the husband and wife bed from Chen’s shop, all the main villagers must be unlocked (including Mark or Chelsea) and you must have an orange heart with the person you want to marry. Then you can buy the blue feather at Chen’s shop and give it to the person you want to marry. You will then have a wedding ceremony with them.

Marriage Ceremony

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